My room emptied back to beginning - WHY?

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My room emptied back to beginning - WHY?

Postby Tilly (4782948) » Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:38 pm

tonite I went into my main room in the apartment ... I purchased some of the new items from the shop. After I had paid for them, I got a pop up telling me I had reached level 200 and I could buy some special cash, so I purchased the special cash offer. Once I had done that my room was empty of my furniture and the things I had purchased and in its place were a pile of decorations from the guest bedroom in the house (down the corridor next to the bathroom). I refreshed the page about 5 times and closed the window and reopened it up again to no avail ... it was still the same! :wailing: :wailing: :grr :grr :grr
I have removed all the decorations, but the room is still blank and back to when I first got the apartment when I first joined Yoville now Yoworld all those years ago!!!

Please fix this issue - I tried to report it to the help but got nowhere so Im putting it here in the hopes that somebody can sort it for me.
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