stuff not working on yoworld

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Re: stuff not working on yoworld

Postby DIXIE CHICK (148181747) » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:15 am

DIXIE CHICK (148181747) wrote:
DIXIE CHICK (148181747) wrote:
Catherine (129744274) wrote:
Alissa (130496298) wrote:I can't even use my wardrobe. Was not able to enter into the clothes challenge contest because it was not reading that I owned any of my things. Others can see what I'm wearing, but it appears naked to me. Tried all the normal solutions and no change.

I am having the exact same issues. It is beyond frustrating.

same here for the past 9 days , i wear my outfit what i was wearing while they had the issue, but nothing else works, if i change i end up naked and bald. i sent them multiple tickets but no response yet

also i was not able to participate in the challenge bec it kept on telling me i dont own the hair or clothes, so i missed out on that too. so frustrating
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Re: stuff not working on yoworld

Postby MAK (111760438) » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:35 pm

The game is completely freezing. I get the spinning beachball of death,and if I sit and wait long enough, it will unfreeze. I'm sure the powers that be will find this shocking, but the situation is quite annoying. Really, really annoying.
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