Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

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Re: Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

Postby JazEve PKF (185042304) » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:02 am

Todays wish list

1. Zoo Crocodile

2. Mom and Baby Rhino

3. Zoo Zebra 1

3. Zoo Zebra 2

4. Zoo Lion 1

5. Zoo Lion 2

6. Giraffe Eating Station

7. Clean Up Crew NPC

8. African Elephant 1

9. African Elephant 2

10. Scratching Bear Tree

11. Fighting Moose

12. Selfie Zoo Tourist 1

13. Selfie Zoo Tourist 2

14. Chewing Beaver

15. Buzzing Bee Hive

16. Grizzly Bear

17. Zoo Moose

18. Otter Family

19. Wolf Den

20. Camo Jeep

21. Zebra Jeep

22. Animal Zoo Bench 1

23. Animal Zoo Bench 2

24. Animal Zoo Bench 3

25. Zookeeper NBC 1

26. Zookeeper NBC 2

Also surprises is always nice! Thanks everyone! This is my Zoo link
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Re: Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

Postby Laudy Daudy (11141460) » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:07 pm

Hope everyone has a lovely day. SMile and hugs. No worries just wishes. I know I can't gift all as I dont have alot of older items but I try to help where I can. So I totally understand. Hugs and smile.

Wishes and I know some are crazy but what the heck...its just for fun.

1.FS2018 items Throne of the Fairy..... blue castle couch.......Animated Mermaid pond

2.FS2018 Interactive Sleeping Prince..... Grandma wolf npc and wolf npc:).

3. YZ2018 items: Scratching Bear tree Yz2018....Fighting Moose YZ2018...Howling wolf family.....Drinking Lioness pond....Interactive petting zoo....Grizzly bear....Wolf den ...Giraffe eating station.....Any of the YZ zoo trees
4.FS2018 items Fantasy tree home any color.....Toadstools any color....Sittable forrest swing

5. Interactive book.....animated crashing waves EAU2018.....interactive tanning

Knocks and hugs for :
Fiore :gift:
VM :gift:
PetiteTattoo :gift:
MsPhantom :gift:
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Re: Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

Postby bear (160668514) » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:24 pm

Thank you ^-^
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Re: Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

Postby Miss Kitty (167124329) » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:12 pm

Have a wonderful Sunday peeps! :drink:
Just a few things I'm looking for & missed out on. :heart:

:heart: :gift: Knock knock! :heart:

:gift: Little Red - Yellow Guest Dress & Brown purse
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Re: Official WIsh List Thread 09/16/2018

Postby Little Red (187264354) » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:54 pm

Hi to all I would love to have the: Yellow Guest Dress, Brown Purse, Black Bear Yober I do gift others if possible

Knock Knock:
:gift: Chaotic - Vacation Stairs
:gift: PetiteTatoo - Snow Covered bush x 2, Snow Hot Spring
Click me I'm The Apt Key
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