once again not being credited and can;t send more gifts

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once again not being credited and can;t send more gifts

Postby Tanner1 (154312928) » Fri Aug 25, 2023 2:39 am

here i am again and i cannot send out gifts as needed by friends AND me for the daily quests , IN yoworld game i cannot send because i sent out ten already

in mobile app, under gifts it will not let me because it also says i sent out ten . my limit.

but under Quests it only shows 9 of the 10 i need to send.

impossible to send out More because under Gifts it says i already sent out 10 of 10 and in Yoworld desktop game it also says ten out of ten have been sent

i have to completly shut down mobile phone to check and recheck for any updates But i am full. not to mention it is not good to have to reboot phone this much. BUt i am Stuck. i keep rechecking turning offf and on phone ...

again i can not send out more..i sent out 10 0f ten but the Quest is only registering Nine... help please so i can sleep

Editing to say !@#$%..... well now it is even... i Lost one and now everywhere it Matches but it says 9 of 10. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i was 10 of 10 everywhere but in the Quest area and now? whoopee it matches but i lost 1. not happy not a way to go to sleep in peace

and THEN i dropped down to 8 of ten again....BUt two friends came along and posted for help and NOW i Could add the again and then reboot phone and voila i DID it but i already had done it and the ...welll please fix this or figure out another way we can help or send gifts...... but this is not fair and it is Stressful and what made me stay with Yo is many things BUT non stress was High up as priority,. i know you can do this , fix it , figure out another way, you always said you loved a challenge in fixing things..... sigh tired and going to bed..now 1:22 am

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