Can't claim video reward

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Can't claim video reward

Postby starburst (137452600) » Sat Nov 13, 2021 7:21 pm

Not sure if this has been posted in the last hours. Nothing came up in the search but I cannot claim video reward. I do not want to get flagged by reporting it in the game so can our creators look it up please? I clicked everywhere to trigger claim reward or for the video to exit, nada!

Pic of an example:

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Re: Can't claim video reward

Postby ijOjO uK (109723058) » Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:57 am

Hey Jasmine, the best way is to report the video in game using the report feature. Videos are provided by third parties so there is a limit to what the vikings can actually do in that regard.
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Re: Can't claim video reward

Postby Ciji (739960) » Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:32 am

Yep, not working today. Have been stuck on the 1 ad and it's not paying.
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Ciji (739960)
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Re: Can't claim video reward

Postby Evy (102743862) » Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:02 am

Can't claim video ad reward. Please fix.. :wailing:
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Evy (102743862)
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Re: Can't claim video reward

Postby Alex (111742352) » Mon Nov 29, 2021 12:14 pm

Ad plays, but then it does not give the CLAIM reward button. Waiting for it does nothing and if you play another ad, it does the same thing. At some point it will unlock and start giving gold again but I am not sure what I do to 'fix' it. Please please, have a look at it!!
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