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badges jobs

Postby Sir John (187786520) » Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:54 am

Dear Admins,

When will you be fixing the Jobs :idea:

Complete the jobs to earn more coins? - This needs to be fixed! can you not get someone to decode this issue so many of us can get the coins due to us so we can progress within this game I have also notice alot of things dont work in this game, why to have them if they don't work maybe you should start fixing all the bugs and items if they dont work remove them and give the community something else to work with, but instead you leave things broken I feel this game has gone done the hill ever since Yoville became Yoworld, why have broken features in the game, badges that no longer works, visiting people in the game can no longer get new badges, it can get most annoying when you cannot get more badges due to all the broken codes in the game, I will not buy any more products in the game until I see new features or them being sorted. When will you fix this????

Badges need to be fixed:

1. Factory Jobs - Finish Crafting You Items
2. Jobs to Earn - What the point in receiving +15 energy if we cannot use it in Jobs?
3 Newcomer - Broken Tested on several platforms
4. Treasure Hunter - Broken Tested on several platforms
5. Web shopper - Broken and there is no URL website anymore
6. Friend Visitor - Broken Tested on several platforms

I bought the VIP hoping this would fix this issue but it seems useless to have VIP when the game is faulty! I expect a full refund until this game is completely fixed from all bugs and you re-install the badges so this community can enjoy the happiness it once used to be

Kind regards

Sir John
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