[EVENT] End Of Summer Outfit Challenges!

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[EVENT] End Of Summer Outfit Challenges!

Postby Viking Jess » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:00 pm

Hey YoFans,

We're not quite ready for this summer to end - but at least we get to close it out with our new End of Summer Outfit Challenges! This new Event combines what you loved about our last Challenges and makes some great improvements based on your feedback.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Hang Out Challenges
    • Complete Hang Out Challenges every day to earn a free item and a Token!
    • Complete (optional) Bonus Challenges when they appear to earn Gems!

Outfit Challenges
    • There are ten Outfit Challenges to enter throughout this Event!
    NEW: Enter on the first day of each Challenge! Choose a starter Outfit to get started.
    NEW: Each Challenge has Requirements that must be met before you can submit your entry. Find them by clicking the Review Outfit button!
    • Earn a Rating Boost by using items from the theme specified in these Requirements!
    NEW: You cannot make changes to your entry once it has been submitted.

    • Beginning on the second day of each Challenge, vote on other YoFans' Outfits to help determine their Star Rating!
    NEW: Vote as many times as you'd like! Gems are awarded for the first 5 votes cast per day for each Challenge, but you can keep voting to your heart's content.

    • On the last day of each Challenge, your Outfit will receive a Star Rating based on how other YoFans have voted, plus your Rating Boost! The higher your Star Rating, the more Gems you can earn.
    • If you earn a perfect Star Rating (including max Rating Boost), you'll get even more great rewards!
    • At the end of the Event, all items used for your submissions are yours to keep. You'll receive Outfit Slots to house them in as well!

Event Shop
    • Use your collected Gems to open Event Chests! These Chests contain existing in-store items as well as new Beach Getaway items.
    • There are two Chests for this event: the Wooden Chest gives 1 common item, and the Mega Chest gives 1 rare or better item!
    • Check back frequently for updated Daily Deals and New Tier Deals!

    • Keep track of what you've received from your Event Chests with the Rewards tab.
    • As you complete more Hang Out Challenges, you'll earn Tokens which unlock more tiers of Rewards!

If you have questions to ask or feedback to share, this is the place to do it!

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