Chrome 'untilted page'

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Chrome 'untilted page'

Postby Bluezz YOJ (7529145) » Thu May 27, 2021 3:59 pm

A few days ago I ended up with my Chrome browser showing nothing but 'untitled page' in all the urls I tried and I couldn't access any tools or anything in the menu, nothing but blank white screens saying 'untitled page'. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. So I removed all google, even the toolbar in IE and now I'm on Firefox. I suspect AdBlock perhaps because that's the only extension kind of thing I had? If it is AdBlock, I can't access anything to delete it because it's all white pages. I've read it's happened to others but I haven't found any reliable cause or solution. If anyone has any clues on why this happened, much appreciated.
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