How do you feel about Zoo animals?

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How do you feel about Zoo animals?

Postby Nick Blade (187030201) » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:45 pm

I saw this video on my Facebook a while ago, it had 175 million views, most responses were of entertained people, the video is about little kids fooling around with mostly wild animals from behind transparent bullet-proof glass, it wasn't just wildlife animals, sea animals were there too, Dolphins and so on, all animals were responding to kids knocking on the glass or playing hide and seek with them.


The idea of caging or chaining wild animals for personal entertainment or self-glorifying is nothing new, kings used to do it to show dominance over "all living creatures", what's new is how advanced we've become doing it on a much larger, financially profitable scale.
Animals in captivity aren't free animals regardless of how large the area is, the abuse is not the entertainment show people pay money to see but what goes on behind the scenes to get those animals to look like they are interacting with people and perform as instructed.
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