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Attention Yo-Creators, :star:

Yoworld is filled with amazingly talented people. From Yo-Creators who design stunning whiteboard art, to those who create and edit fantastic Yo-films. However, can't we all agree that trying to find other Yo-creators (Filmmakers, WB Artist, Video Editors, Actors, etc) is a major challenge within the Yo community? We can also agree that even after we have some luck, it is so difficult to get our completed projects recognized, let alone awarded? :sad:

Well, struggle no longer. :idea:

Welcome to YOLLYWOOD, Yoworld's official entertainment industry established for ALL content creators of Yoworld! :shocked:

YOLLYWOOD serves as a central headquaters for ALL Yo-Creators. YOLLYWOOD provides ALL Yo-Creators with a community to not only network with other Yo-Creators, but also the opportunity of participating in MANY creative contests and challenges to win PRIZES & AWARDS for their hard work! :trophy: :star:

[ PS: Even if you don't know how to create videos, artwork, etc (yet ;) ), we encourage you to become apart of YOLLYWOOD! Every Creators needs FANS & SUPPORTERS! :hug: ]

*Visit & leave a like on our Facebook page :phone: : @YoworldYollywood.
( https://www.facebook.com/YoworldYollywood/ )

*Watch some amazing Yoworld Videos on YouTube :phone: :
( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC58YhY ... 2PRMOX5jXg )

*Come visit me in Yoworld! :smug:
( https://apps.facebook.com/playyoworld/?d=h11728609 )
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