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Re: My Adobe Flash Avatar Designs

Postby agnyZ (187649661) » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:01 am

Thanks for all the feedback regarding my entry in the XO2019 contest. I apologize for any coincidental similarities between my assets and any existing assets in-game, this was not intentional... With there being over 150K items in-game and myself not being an aware active player whatsoever things like this can happen, especially when there can only be so many 'new' ideas. I like to mix and match my reference images to make my designs more unique but sometimes art manifestations can incidentally appear to replicate something else despite it not being the intended goal.

I look forward to future contests, I understand the rules in the design contests much more clearly than I did when I first started on this game and I hope to continue to hone my art skills to fit the creative style of the game (not professionally as a whole of course, just for fun).

If anybody has any suggestions or images of things they would like to see, whether they be seasonal or filler then please post them below - I would be happy to consider designing something to fit the idea. I have already started to create filler content here and there (thus far, mostly new eye shapes and haircuts -- to deviate away from issues related to my last entries) but I will venture into seasonal items more properly when I have time and when the timing seems appropriate.
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