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Free Gifts Explained!

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2015 11:09 am
by Viking Jess
Hey YoFans!

We've had a few requests for a breakdown of how the new Free Gifts feature works. The following was posted by Gary, but we thought we'd make it a little more accessible:

Gary Stevenson wrote:You guys sure are inquisitive. We knew this new feature was fairly heavy on the formulas, so we tried to mostly focus on showing players the end results. For the most part, that's all that matters. However, there are of course the intrepid few who seek to fully understand the mechanics behind things, and so here I am to delve a little further into things (in a hopefully simple way)

When we designed this feature, we wanted to encourage being social, discourage needing thousands of Facebook friends and the benefit of having that many, minimize the value of having alt accounts, and reward people for leveling up. So, this means:

• Players can send 1 gift to each buddy (not just Facebook friend) once per 12 hours. The cooldown period starts whenever you send them a gift, and is tied to each unique buddy.
• The inbox can hold up to 400 gifts, so coming back daily to accept them all is a good idea.
• Inventory loading is not terribly affected by not opening boxes, so players can hold 10,000 in there no problem.
• The gift you can send is dependent on your level, and the higher level boxes are always worth more coins.
• Your level also affects how many coins you get.
• You get more bonus coins for the first chests you open each day, to help people with less buddies. The bonuses reset at 8pm EDT, the same as coin runs.
• If you send a gift, you can get one back, regardless of the level of who you sent it to.

So the best way to use the boxes is as follows:

• Get to a high level (200 is best).
• Send gifts frequently.
• Accept gifts frequently.
• Add friendly people you meet in the game to your buddy list to get more gifts.
• Open the best chests first. Marble, then gold, then silver etc.
• As noted earlier in this thread, there is some rounding as we are dealing with decimals, so you COULD earn an extra few hundred coins a day by opening chests individually, but we wouldn't recommend it.

When designing the feature, we came up with a placeholder amount of how many gifts we expected the average player to get. However, we knew this would probably be wrong. Come early next week, we will be reviewing the actual data from the sending, and looking at what changes are needed, if any.

When new features come out, people tend to get pretty heated about things, but improvement and iteration is the name of the game. This is only v1 of the feature, and later down the line it will be expanded, especially when we add new levels. This feature is for the players, and we want to make them happy. :)