Making Factory Items - CAN still be Done!

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Making Factory Items - CAN still be Done!

Postby Mz Thang (138469056) » Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:15 pm

So a while ago I wanted to build a 'Fall Couch' in the Factory for a room that they would fit perfectly in but found that I didn't have enough Widgets to complete the couch! Doh! :eh: ...Later some very generous YoFolk gifted me a couple of Couches so that I could complete my room as I wanted!...(You guys are the best! :hug: :love: )

I asked about the Factory items here in the Forums (and sent a Ticket about it) and was told that the 'Build' feature was no longer functional...HOWEVER!...I just remembered (I dunno why that pooped into my head! :dizzy: ) that as well as requesting them from Factory Buddies we used to get the Widgets from the 'Special Delivery Boxes' - so I went to Factory and tried again to build a Couch - and it WORKED! Yay!...Unfortunately, this method will ONLY work if you have saved 'Special Delivery Boxes' from back in the day - as we no longer receive them.

It works just like it used to but in case you've forgotten - Here's How...

Step 1...Select the item you want to Build...

Step 2...Remove 'Special Delivery Boxes' from inventory and place in room to open the total number of outstanding widgets required to complete the build - and you will get the exact widgets you need!...(If you place more than the required widgets you will open either a Silver Chest or Silver Key)


Image Image

Step 3....Return to Factory to complete the Build of your selected item - and you will find that you now have all the required Widgets! :thumbsup:

NOTE: After you click 'Build' you DO NOT get a notification to let you know it's been completed, however, when you check your inventory = it's there awaiting use!...For those of you that had written this feature off as dysfunctional = You're Welcome! :D :angel:
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