want neighbours for my factory

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want neighbours for my factory

Postby kimberly (187605934) » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:39 pm

any one help plz fast :angel:
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Re: want neighbours for my factory

Postby ZipLocket (144540244) » Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:39 am

kimberly (187605934) wrote:any one help plz fast :angel:

In order to get factory buddies, your fb 'neighbor' or 'real life friend' must be able to use facebook games. they go to the 'facebook' feeds and see the request in the games app.
If you do not have a knowledgeable fb friend, who is your neighbor in fb in the yoworld game, they will not be able to locate it in fb.
I have full illustration on my page Yo Grab Bag as it is too hard to jot down without images to explain it.

on the right on fb you find 'your games' click the word 'more' to find YoWorld.
Then you go to 'activity.' mine says 99 at all times. its actually 3 weeks of activity so hundreds are held in here. This place is NOT a place to collect gifts. It will take you one at a time and it is a redundant place. The place to collect gifts are in the GAME not in this ACTIVITY LOG. this is your activity log. in here is where you will find the "factory request'

Since this is so full of 2 weeks, you will have to 'delete' this activity either one at a time or 100 at a time (after you search in here for the "factory help request" to locate it.

Here is how I do it quickly. The activity app shows you 3 requests, look at the bottom where it says 'view 97more requests' click this and it opens 100 search for the word factory if not there go to top and click 'ignore all'
Then you must refresh this page to see 100 more.
Repeat this process until you see " a factory request help." once you see this you click that. This will load into the game and put your picture on that persons hot dog crew. When the person changes clothes you will also see this in your factory crew.
You can then initiate to request to their page for a hot dog. Do it no more than 1 time a day or they will ignore your hot dog and although it says you sent it, your friend will not see if if they ignore it.
so on so on.

I went through them all again just now and i ignored and refreshed 35 times for 3 weeks. Its a lot of aggravation to find a factory crew request
no one knows where the heck to look for it and as you can clearly read,
ITS NOT EASY and YOWORLD never made this easy!
you have to be a genius to do it!
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