How To Remove Items from Room Using New Editor

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How To Remove Items from Room Using New Editor

Postby Loie (9730540) » Sat Jun 03, 2023 2:02 pm

Here is how to remove an item from a room easily without deconstructing the room.
Thank you Mary for telling me about this! I was always frustrated to lose items in rooms when they'd get layered over by other items or rotating them would flip them off screen. Finding them again would involve deconstructing the room. But with the new editor, you can see all the items in the room in your scrolling inventory below, and select which items you would like to remove.

Make sure you are using the NEW EDITOR
(click on the cog icon next to the name of your room, in upper right, to open up this settings window)
Image <-- cog icon to open up settings window
Select "Use New Room Editing Store"

Go into EDIT MODE by clicking red chair icon, then click the tab at the top that says "MY STUFF"
Your inventory will load below the room.

Then move cursor above the inventory below (into the purple area), click and drag it to the left. You'll need to have made some space for it, by expanding your screen.
It won't stay put, it jumps to the left a little, so you need to drag it back to where you can see it if you want to scroll through your inventory, however for removing items you'll just need to look below the room. These items that appear below the room now are the items that are IN YOUR ROOM.
You can scroll til you find the item you want to remove from your room inventory, and then HOVER OVER THAT ITEM until you see a red button show up that says "Remove", and click "REMOVE". Then save, or go about editing your room, putting item back or whatever you want. The item has gone into the inventory on the left side now and is accessible.

Have fun!
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