Did You Get the Kanas Bug?

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Did You Get the Kanas Bug?

Postby mel (141096087) » Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:03 pm

I wrote this a few weeks ago...

So I'm looking at the new Kansas clothing in the clothing store. I see two presents with bows worth 40 some bucks with a line through it. When I hit it, no price comes up. Two more boxes are there for a lower price with a line through it. So I think, ok this is the same thing Yo does every once in a while, the first one is free, more than one will cost money. I figure it's Memorial Day Weekend, they must be doing something special for the players.

I wrote about this in the discussion forum and some others said the same thing happened to them. I sent a ticket to YW and they said that before you hit the buy button that the price was clear, though they do admit there was a glitch. I wrote back and said I saw no price and didn't realize the item wasn't free until I had bought the item. So I'm wondering if anyone else had this issue? I know I did not see a price. Anyone else have the same result? I'd like to know, thanks.
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