Gray Screens, Room Transitions, Lagging, and Refreshing!

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Gray Screens, Room Transitions, Lagging, and Refreshing!

Postby Dex Dexter (131354847) » Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:04 am

I'm having the following issues:

- My items get shunted to my Inventory after getting the Gray Screen of Death following almost every purchase!
- Once I've decorated a room (IF I can!) I have to refresh because I can't go from room to room!
- The lag on the game is abysmal!
- I'm always having to refresh following every action - and I do mean EVERY action!

I have to use Opera, for now. I'm having my computer worked on and that's the alternative to I.E. I have a decent computer and I close everything else down to play YoWorld. I'm playing on the Desktop App and I could use Gameroom, if that's an option.

I'm patient about the bugs...but you guys have had how long to prepare, now? Come on, now... :heart:
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