Many items missing!

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Many items missing!

Postby x TINA x (6958448) » Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:32 pm

Over time the last few years, I've noticed a few items go missing from my inventory.
I sent in a ticket for one item, only to be told I probably sold it?
NOPE! I rarey ever sell anything. I'm a true horder, and always have been.
Now I'm suddenly noticing many more items are suddenly gone?
I decided a outfit I was changing into would look great with my black Yorient Lacey hat, and it's gone!!! :grr
Not only my hat, but a few of my other yorient items are missing too!

Someone needs to figure out why items just vanish! I don't care about cheapo items, but when worth
C'mon. I have paid a whole lot of real $$$ over the years to play this game, and it's not right.
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