game freezing while editing room

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game freezing while editing room

Postby Opposite Tables (108690404) » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:27 pm

For a while now the game has been freezing while I'm editing a room. I had added some new stuff to be purchased today and was in process of moving these around. I haven't looked yet but I doubt the purchases went through. The same thing happened yesterday but after I clicked 'Save'.

I'm on a desktop pc but unsure if the new 5G they recently turned on has anything to do with this freezing or not but this has been happening for at least a week. My phone goes through my pc and always has. I'm really frustrated.
I know people who have it say it's very slow compared to 4G. If I could find a way to shut it off I sure would because I believe it's as unhealthy as I've read it is.
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