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Re: [INFO] Brass Frames Permissions

Postby BBoop (8026901) » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:14 pm

LoriCanOlowaARTIST (103326985) wrote:
MOVIEQUEEN OWLS (108732309) wrote:I could care less about frames. I care more about my buddie list that I have written to you about. Told you about on surveys. Some me people I do not see when I visit them, or they have visited me. I have people on my list that says they are Facebook friends and are not. Can not find them to delete them. I have buddies I do not see when I visit their homes. When is this fix coming. It has been messed up since we could start seeing buddies. Work on this problem. :wailing:

I'm having exactly the same problem. For 2 years. No help, no fix. Sad. BVG needs to spend more effort on finding the source of the problem and FIX IT, please.

Dittos from me: Also two years problems with Buddy List!
Communicated countless times via the Help in game, via email replies, and via this Forum that I have been and still am today having this same problem. Just last week I messaged BVG again, and received a ridiculous response with a subject about my HOT DOG issue. I SCREAMED what hot dog issue?: Read my email.
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