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Re: Chat Filter Issues Megathread

Postby akaLeiaHBx (120578781) » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:27 am

Logic FYH (184714884) wrote:Hello, i'm missing 08 items and i already sent a ticket & Gary did email me back BUT, BUT I'm not missing 08 furniture... I'm missing 08 Clothing Accessories... Gary only said that i need to check all rooms for the items but i'm missing Clothing accessories NOT FURNITURE :x :evil: :evil: :!: I DO HAVE PROOF that i did have those items but they're gone and I'M SO MAD!! I have screenshots of my items and i have screenshots missing my items.. IWOULD LIKE THEM BACK OR ATLEAST SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO GET THEM BACK TY!!! :mrgreen: :cry: :evil: :!: :shock: :o

I feel ya. Sadly, the liklihood of you getting your items returned is not very good. So, when you are down in the dumps, what better time to have a FRESH START. :balloon: Build yourself back all over again and you may be surprised to find that you and your home are looking more 'fab' than before. best to just start fresh. Good luck to you. xx :balloon: :balloon:

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Re: Chat Filter Issues Megathread

Postby Ali la Bruja del Oeste (8421927) » Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:37 am

There are some words in Spanish that should be check too:

pronto = yaddato (means soon)
hace = yadda (means he/she does)
haces = yadda (means you do)
dice = yadda (means he/she says)
dices = yadda (means you say)

All of these are frequently used and it's annoying they are banned. I don't know if they mean something wrong in other languages :haha:
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Re: Chat Filter Issues Megathread

Postby Lauren Labelle (102951992) » Wed May 12, 2021 2:25 am

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