Official Wish List 07/20/21

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Re: Official Wish List 07/20/21

Postby LindyLou Who (126352247) » Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:48 am

Knock Knock :gift:
Jo Cygnus the swan pet
Cynn Black and Platinum Fille Royal hair RS 2021
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Re: Official Wish List 07/20/21

Postby Christie (153868918) » Tue Jul 20, 2021 5:36 am

Hello Everyone! :)

Thank you so much CynnaGirlPaw and GregPAW for posting daily and giving the chance to wish! :rose:
This is my wishlist but I also appreciate any Tourist/ Guest/ Photographer NPCs! :hug: :heart:

Will always gift where I can :)

:gift: Knock knocks from the heart :gift:
:heart: Gabby - Brown Fortune Teller Hair SS2017 HW2017 & Animated Modern Gothic Lava Lamp Shelf EJA2020 :hug:
:heart: XoJennaXo - Pierre Brocade Eyelashes & Red Pierre Brocade Lips RS2021 DC2021 :hug:
:heart: SamiSpiffy23 - Bad Moon Dorothy NPC OZ2021 :hug:
:heart: x Sakura x - Coral hair and pink items from the heart :hug:
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