Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby JustJo (106622274) » Sat May 01, 2021 6:01 pm


for todays wishes...
Thank you for looking


:heart: Any items from the new theme & GEM event-*have male outfits
:heart: Collecting Any NPC'S

:star: Some items coin in store some $


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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby snowy (112519203) » Sat May 01, 2021 6:25 pm

Thank You Greg and Cynn for posting this list daily for everyone.

I have to go out and do some yard work, I will be back online later to gift

If anyone has any of the following:

Zephyr MM2021 Only need Sparkling Sea


Any of the Wei hairs NF2017 DC2017I have brown--thanks Sher


Any of the new gem event items--even the male outfits because I love the hats

:gift: :gift:

I gifted several but the list in on my computer in the other room and I am tired and
not walking in there right now.
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby Momo05 (187032505) » Sat May 01, 2021 7:10 pm

Hello, good morning to everyone from here :haha:
Today i would like to wish for valentines items (most of them).
I can't believe i forgot my favorite theme (Beside Christmas and Astrology). So here i am know, wishing for them.
Any valentines furnitures or anything that shaped like heart are VERY loved :haha:


Thank you so much for looking and granting! The gifts from heart you guys gave are AWESOME! :wailing: :heart:


As usual, be safe and have an awesome day :rose:
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby RoZ Heart (141270579) » Sat May 01, 2021 9:11 pm

Thank you so much Yo-Angels for constantly sending surprises everyday! :hug:
I would also appreciate Medium and Large Paintboards ONLY if you have spares :heart:

:gift: Image
:heart: sher - Prickly Pear Hat MM2021
:heart: Anna Del - Ruby Ribbon Hat MM2021
:heart: XxVioletVixenxX - random goodies
:heart: Liz - random goodies
:heart: GregPAW - Platinum Korab Bad Guy Braids MMR2021
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby Dia (182313813) » Sun May 02, 2021 12:12 am

Tysm :heart:
Image I do gift others often☻On forum and in game events. Image
☻ However Not gifting those who post and run daily Never giving to others.☻
☻Once you are gifted an item Please edit and update your wishlist !!☻Be Polite and thank your gifter☻NO TY no more gifts from me☻
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby XxVioletVixenxX (139135464) » Sun May 02, 2021 2:16 am

Ohhh Everyone looks so cute today!!!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday Funday!
I have a lot of homework currently! I am on it for a bit right now!
A few of you I do not have your list items and I had issues with fb and buying yocash.
I shall return, waiting on new release in the morning!

A big thank you for everything. My eyeball libary is almost done thanks to many of you! I got side tracked with my mom. I am looking but prob not for this room modern Gothic couch. I missed that gem event. I am looking for that hat for the wishlist person, slips my mind that wants it haha.
Yeah I have two of the pillow stacks and canopy reading areas! Thank you Roz they are in place. I want to move into that room. Those are both such cool items!
I will buy the couch or whatever anyone is willing to part with.
Like I said on my prior wishes I am willing to buy especially things like actual furniture or clothing that costs a lot of coins. I am pretty good on Vegas I had some of that as well. Few clothing or furniture Burlesque items. I have no prob sending doubles back. Things that are like lamps paintings I kept a few lol. That stuff is awesome thank you all for everything. Thank you a lot of rooms and other things would not have been easy to track or complete without all of you. I feel the smaller items are harder to find. The bigger items are amazing and too generous.

Kk! Thank you all so much!!!! I always set my room to the one I am working on, it's a tough one right now, I redid that lower level circle room in the 2021 house. Uh nothing is symmetrical. Anyway it's an odd shape and would have been to small if I leveled it out. Ideas are welcome if you even can thing of any. I forgot about fog! On that!

Snowy: :gift:
Sealine: :gift:
Thank you YoAngel's!!! Click on my siggy to add me on FB <3 Thank You new neighbors for the adds!
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby LindyLou Who (126352247) » Sun May 02, 2021 4:41 am


Knock knock :gift:
Jo PDe Items
Sami PDE items
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Re: Official Wishlist Thread for 05/2/2021

Postby sody (138323069) » Sun May 02, 2021 11:32 am

Official Wish List !

Surprise Me !
Rideable (CARS ECT)
Hair and Facial Hair
Cop n Robber Stuff JAIL
Thank you to those who fill a wish :bye: !
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