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Looking for more Bowling motivation songs Contest

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:10 pm
by Liberty Bo Panda (132500643)
Hi Yos,

I'm at it again looking for motivation songs when I bowl.

I have 31 that I'm going to attach...but looking to make it to 40 songs!

So let me know what you think!

Now they have to pass Bo's approval to work :haha:

If I select one of your songs it's worth 400k!

So let me know!

They have to be different then my list ready!

Give it ago!

Contest ends end of Octoberish depending on entries!

Re: Looking for more Bowling motivation songs Contest

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:10 pm
by Liberty Bo Panda (132500643)
Bo's Top 30 Songs of Bowling:

#1 Livin on the edge-Aerosmith
As I have said before this has always been one of my favorite bowling songs....As I refer it to the ball on the edge of a bowling lane "Again and Again and Again....Livin on the Edge" as the song goes.

#2 Thunderstruck- ACDC
This was kinda an easy one now, This refers to when you get a Strike in bowling "Thunderstruck" As all the pins go flying!

#3 Thubthumping ( I get knocked down)-Chumbawamba
Ok This song I have always liked, I mean the name has nothing to deal with the song! Its one of those that easily gets stuck in your head, I remember it being associated with a soccer game forgot what one! ANYWAY The Lyric "I get knocked Down but I get up again..." hmmm Clearly refers to the bowling pins you get the drift hehe.

#4 Patience- Guns N Roses
As I was listening to the radio on the way to bowling league this song came on..."You gotta have Patience" some may say how does this relate to bowling...Well Think of the surroundings! So in leagues your suppose to watch your sides if they are at the lane also you take turns, yet some people are slow...Some times you get by a drunk person or a little kid. Yes I have seen all combinations so therefore you gotta have Patience and wait your turn! :haha:

#5 Natural- Imagine Dragons
Right away when the song starts it reminds me of being at the Alley..."The House of mine...Thats the price we pay" Obviously you have to pay to bowl...Then "Rather be the Hunters not the pray...going after those pins to get the best score ya can!...."Standing on the Edge" at the line ready going to throw the ball..This song just speaks bowling..and that you are natural at bowling!

#6 Light Em Up-Fall Out Boy
Here you got a great song to pump you up for bowling! "My Song is now whatt you did in the Dark....Light Em up...This song I tie to moon light bowling as the ball crashes into the pins and the pins go flying under the Neon lights!

#7 All the right moves One Republic
"All the right moves some ya were going down" In a bowling mind this song is all the right positions you could stand before throwing your ball. Everyone has there own unique way to bowl and try to get the highest score they can. Every move makes a different impact you gotta find your spot!

#8 Ready Aim Fire-Imagine Dragons
This is a carry over from above, "Ready Aim Fire" I mean your goal is to get those pins down!

#9 Connection-One Republic
...This Song just has that vibe of being at the alley..."Take me to the places that people know me...there is so many people here why am I so lonely."obviously being at the Alley on leagues people know you yet you have other competitors around you everyone is trying to make a connection with the pins!

#10 Rise - State Of Mine/Katy Perry
Each time I go bowling I go bowl I try my best and RISE my top score to achieve that score of 300! Some day! 257 is my highest...Which I call my best "Victory in my veins as of now"....:"Fire at my feet again": every game you start you gotta believe you can get to that goal...Each Bowler has a different goal to get better to improve your self!

#11 Million Dreams-Pink.
This Song realities to...bowling in general to achieving the score of 300! Every Person Dreams of that goal its not easy to do!

#12 Stand By You-Rachel Platten
Hmmm the "Stand By You" thinking the pins! They are never alone yet they always bring it down by the bowling ball

#13 Sweet Victory-Spongebob
I actually Think this song fits quite well, yes for achieving a 3001 but more towards league bowling when you take all team points when it comes down to the last bowler to take points! I suppose also when you bowl your best game as well!

#14 Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus
"I came in like a wrecking ball" I mean again another one relating to the pins, Once you hit one its a chain reaction!

#15 Hit me with your best shot-Pat Benatar
Simple a pin Talking to the bowler "Hit me with your best shot and fire way"

#16 Another one bites the dust-Queen
"Another one bites the dust and another one...etc." So when bowling, you hit one pin it flies and hits another one, or when a chain reaction happens well slow action when falling!

Re: Looking for more Bowling motivation songs Contest

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:10 pm
by Liberty Bo Panda (132500643)
...Cont: of Song List:

#17 Never Enough-Greatest Showman
You can never have enough Strikes always wanting to achieve more! Is it possible to have a 900 Series? (Three Games of 300) Now that is really hard to do almost impossible so we as bowlers can never have enough!

#18 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
"Rising up to the challenges of our arrivals" Now this song refers to never giving up on your dream of your highest score you get yes some day I wanna get a 300 score!

#19 Life in the Fast Lane- Eagles
"Life in the Fast Lane" Yes! Referring to the bowling ball its always going fast down the lane so many times!

#20 Should I stay or should I go-The Clash
....This song just makes me chuckle it totally relates to bowling looking at the pins. There is always that one pesky pin that stands! It is so flipping annoying...Yes it is trouble causing stress! But then theres times where it does " Go now..." When they spin or slide and hit that pesky pin it does feel good when the pin goes down.

#21 One is the loneliest number-Three Dogs Night
As the titles says "One is the loneliest number" This song my league teammate always sang this why? because you throw your ball and hit the pins and you got one pin that stays up! boy is it stressful when it keeps happening, of course you can get two of them when you got a split. What a game wrecker it can be!

#22 Last One Standing - Simple Plan
Ah! Yes this is a good one for bowling..the one pin that wont fall down! It can make or break your game. But if you miss that pin on your 2nd throw it sure gets to ya! I could go on but ya get the drift!

#23 Lose Yourself- Eminem
"One opportunity of a life time...palms are not miss your chance to blow" Obviously this song is about fighting...but to turn it upside down...Bowing when you got a strike streak you do not want it to end. And this is how this song feels when it happens will this be the perfect 300 game? All you can do is do your best!

#24 Don't stop me now-Queen
..The Title says it all when you are in bowling mode you do not wanna stop until that game is finished!

#25 The Final Count Down- Europe
"Its the final count down" Good motivational song to keep going to getting those pins down getting highest you can, I guess if your really having a long bowling game once your towards the end its the final count down to the end. OR League bowling your watching the score totals to see who is in the lead, and if you will win the game! Some times its really close always gotta bowl your best!

#26 The Greatest - Sia
This Song just motivates you to never give up...that you want to be the greatest you can be as a bowler.

#27 One way or another- Blondie
"One way or another im gonna get yacha...." Kinda piggy backing on the above, Yougot two chances to get the pins...Alot of times you have to settle for a spare thats if you can get them all down!

#28 Break My Stride~ Matthew Wilder
I really like this song It fits perfect...I mean "Ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no I got to keep on moving" This part really connect because everyone has there own style of bowling got to have your stride to bowl!

#29 You spin me right round-Dead or Alive
"You Spin me" The pins talking to us lol we hit them they spin simple!

#30 Raw Hide-Blue Brothers
"Rollin Rollin Rollin" The Ball does all the work! Thats its main job!

#31 If you could turn back time-Cher

*I am in progress reranking