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Re: The legend of Lucy contest. (Posting Contest) Ends 10/18

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:58 am
by Angelic Rose (107404295)
"Come here Lucy!" The man beckoned but Lucy felt a sense of dread.
Could this be the evil man that Claudia had spoken of?
Lucy looked over to Claudia, but she hung her head in what appeared to shame? sorrow? Lucy wasn't sure.
"At last, you've come back." The man said to Lucy.
"Come back? where did I go? What do you mean?"
Lucy looked at the man who had dark hair, pale skin, and dark piercing eyes. A Romanian none the less. Then, in the light of the dimly light room, which strangely, there was no light coming in from the windows, only darkness, did she see the painting on the mantle of the man who stood before her.
"Who are you? Lucy inquired and "Why am I in the picture in my bedroom?" Lucy further inquired.
Claudia put a finger to Lucy's lips and said "Child, all will be answered in due time, but for now, it's time."
"Time? Time for what?" Lucy demanded.
"Hush child!" the man bellowed and then turned to Claudia, "You mean, she doesn't know?" "I shall deal with you much later!"
"Know what?" Lucy retorted, "Can I demand to know what is going on? And whence shall I return to my family? I am sure that they are looking for me."
"Lucy", Claudia began....

Re: The legend of Lucy contest. (Posting Contest) Ends 10/18

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:22 pm
by Angelic Rose (107404295)

Re: The legend of Lucy contest. (Posting Contest) Ends 10/18

PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:15 am
by DonnaSue Latorio (187546514)
The man glared at Claudia and she fell silent and once more lowered her head. Lucy thought she saw a tear before Claudias hair fell over her face but couldn't be sure. What she WAS sure about was the need to know just what was going on. She turned her attention to the pale man and stared at him defiantly. The man looked down on Lucy's upturned, defiant face and a glimmer of a smirk showed on his face.

"Child, you ARE with your family," he stated calmly. "Claudia is your Aunt and I ... well I am your Father." The man proceeded to tell a stunned Lucy a tale of her mother having fallen in love with another man and taking Lucy away with her to live with his family, claiming them as her own. The man that Lucy knew now was (supposedly?) her father stared into her eyes and bid her come closer. Lucy did not know what made her follow his instructions but she did. Claudia let out a sob and Lucy started to look her way but the man commanded her attention once more.

As Lucy came to a stop in front of him, he reached for her chin and tilted her head sideways. "It is time for you to claim your proper place in this family," her father stated as he bent down toward her.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:19 pm
by Sandra RLFYOC (185846977)
As she felt his hand on her chin she became aware that he had changed somehow. His eyes were now completely black, devoid of any sense of humanity. She could not look away, she just stared. He startled and then walked backwards a few steps. And looked over at Claudia. "She is like her mother" he commented. Claudia said "Yes, I know." Maybe there is hope yet for all of us.

Claudia left for the outdoors. She felt confused by all she had seen and heard. She wondered what was meant by "she is like her mother." What was it that they meant by this. She noticed in the garden that it looked a little more alive that it had the first day she arrived. Crocuses were emerging from the earth. She thought of what her "Father" had said and how she had so many questions about this place.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:53 pm
by Sandra RLFYOC (185846977)
Lucy went back into the house and climbed the staircase up to her room. She sat at the table and noticed a little drawer that she hadn't before. Then she opened it and found some papers and a leather bound journal. She wondered who it had belonged to. She opened it and noticed the inscription on the front page. It read "The private writings of Cristina". That must be her mother's writings while she lived here.

She began reading and learned so much about her mother. She was surprised by how much her mother wrote about her father. Not the one she knew as father but this new idea of someone else who had married her. She was extreemly unhappy and wanted to escape with the man she really loved.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:16 pm
by Angelic Rose (107404295)
Lucy continued reading. Apparently though, as she would come to find out, Christina and Claudia were the daughters of Abigail. The very same Abigail who Lucy had read murdered many children and were so evil. Lucy learned that there was a curse placed upon the mansion because one day Claudia who was in love with a man named Louis was forbidden from it growing any further. Abigail wanted Claudia to marry a man named Lestat. Lestat was a cold, vain, man who wanted nothing to do with Claudia. Time passed and Claudia discovered to horror and shock, that she was pregnant. But, it couldn't be, as Lestat was never romantic with her. He seemed only interested in using her as his "doll", something to be admired but never truly loved.

Lucy read on in the candlelight. Christina went on to describe how Claudia escaped from Lestat. Only to give the child away to be raised by another. Christina as Lucy would come to read, was the identical twin of Claudia. So identical, that when Lestat found out about Claudia giving birth, he murdered Christina in the pond, thinking that he was murdering Claudia. Claudia escaped from Lestat but not before returning secretly to get the diary of Christina. In the diary, she wrote, as if she was Christina. She wrote as her sister would and then...

Claudia entered the room. "I wished for you to find that", "I wanted you to know the truth." I vowed never to let Lestat know that I was not Christina, I simply couldn't! I gave you to Louis and his family. What Louis told you was true. But what I didn't tell you was that Louis was Lestat's stepbrother.

Our family is as you can see, a little different than others. We're a family of magic and mystery. Your father is what the Romanian people call "Vampyre."

"A what?" Lucy's jaw dropped. "But what are you?" Lucy asked her true mother.

" I child am a Mystic. My family descends from age old Mystics. We come from the two Druid witches of old. Brought to Egypt long ago. People were enchanted by them. Have you ever wondered about your green eyes? And your hair well, to hide who you were I magically changed it to black. Your hair is ....and she waved her arm and instantly Lucy's hair changed to a fiery red color. It's the red of all the ancient females in our family. Every one that has descended in our line had red hair and green eyes. Through Miriam, you came from a long line of what some call "witches". But the correct term is...mystic my dear. We were seers.

"But if you are a seer, then why couldn't you save your sister?" Lucy tearfully asked. "Oh child, who said she died?" A voice appeared from the open door outside. In the doorway stood a lovely lady identical to Claudia in every way. "My child. I choose to sacrifice myself for you. And when a witch sacrifices her self, her soul never truly dies."

Lucy truly didn't understand but had so many questions. Her head suddenly felt leaden, and she lay back upon her pillow. That night she dreamed of another scene. This one though was more terrifying than anything she had seen before. She dreamed of a man, a man with blonde locks who was beautiful to look at at, but he made her shiver. She couldn't stop gazing at the man in her dream as he beckoned her to come to him. She could her Claudia screaming "NO! Leave her alone! She is not yours! Leave her be! She will never become on of you!"

Lucy awoke later but it was dark out. Had she slept all day? She wondered. Her neck hurt and as she put her hand to her throat she noticed blood. Hmm...that's strange Lucy thought.

Lucy went to look into the mirror and that's when she reflection.

Lucy began to ponder what this meant, when suddenly her father burst into the room. "Oh no, no, no," he threw himself at Lucy sobbing. "I wanted to make you one of us, but only through my blood but I see Lestat got to you first." Claudia came running in and screamed when she saw Lucy. "No, no. no. I tried to protect you from him".

Suddenly Christina appeared with an older woman, the cook! Lucy recognized her but this time she did not look like the cook, she looked like a much older version of her mother and her aunt. "Child, I am your great Aunt. I was Abigail's sister. But I am not like my sister. In our family there are always two. Twins. My child, you have a twin. And from behind the cook came A little boy. Lucy looked at him and he looked at Lucy. You were the first set of twins to be born not girls. But, there is an ancient magic between you two. One that can save you from Lestat. She bent over and whispered to the boy to prick his finger upon a needle that she held. "Hurry child, drink the blood of your brother for the hour is nigh, when he returns for you, but if you drink the blood of your brother, even a drop, you will be restored. For your blood is magical. And he can not break the blood sacrifice."

Claudia then sighed a sigh of relief "Oh thank you Maharet. Thank you." "No need to thank me. But you all must go, go quickly before he finds you."

They all got into a carriage and charged the driver to drive as fast as they could. Behind him them flames grew higher and higher. On and on the carriage drove through the night till at last they reached Hungary. They stopped in Budapest and found a nice hotel to stay in. When night came again, they charged onward to Poland and that is where Lucy and her family remained.

The end.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:23 pm
by Angelic Rose (107404295)
Alright ladies, this is now closed. Thanks to all who contributed and I will be announcing winners soon.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:36 pm
by Angelic Rose (107404295)
Congratulations to Donna Sue Latorio and Sandra RLFYOC

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by JustJo (106622274)
congrats Donna & Sandra!!

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by DonnaSue Latorio (187546514)
Congrats Sandra!!! And oooo thank you Angelic

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by Sandra RLFYOC (185846977)
Congrats Donna. Thanks for this writing contest! I had lots of fun!