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Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:09 pm
by CynnamynSpycePaw (11683468)
Official Wish List Thread 9/11/19

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!

Offiicial wishlist thread, here are a few basic rules:
1. One wishlist per 24 hours.
2. Knock Knocks are fine but any other conversations should be done through PM or home messages
3. Do not post with an alternate account as this is is against BVG Rules
4. Be aware of the forum rules made by Gary,Greg, and The Vikings.
5. Please keep your Thank you's to your Angels Private message or to your Angels Home mail box.
I have had several complaints that people are taking up to much space on their post with everyone's angels with thanking them. Just trying to make it a little easier for people to go through wishes.

6. No Rudeness.If you are rude you will be banned from posting in my thread.

7.Do not copy someone elses wishlist. If you do not know how to make your own you can ask some one to make you one or have someone explain to you how to make one. But stealing someone elses wishlist is now against this threads rules. As it is extremely rude to do and it is also against this threads rules on being rude. USE YOUR MANNERS. As I know everyone here has them.

8.Please keep Wish list at a minimum. Written or Picture maximum number of items not to exceed 30.

Not a rule but just a suggestion.
If you want to and to make it easier on some of the gifters. If maybe you might think about adding the page number your wish list is on. I do understand especially if you are an anonymous gifter. But like I said it is just a suggestion not something you have to do.

Be Kind to someone, and someone might be kind to you"

Enjoy this thread and remember, saying thank you goes a long way!

Hugs Cynnamyn

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:11 pm
by Keli Jo (104439710)

I wish for please and thank you

Wearbles/hair from
Valentine's ,Halloween ,Christmas (any year)
from the twisted theme
from the old Zynga themes

OMG wishes
Anything spellbound , legends,golden Egypt
Any snowville wearbles/hair
Anything at all from good vs evil

knock knock

Anna Del
Miss Kitty
OS iMac

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:11 pm
by urworstnitemare (8566202)
Good evening sweets,

Here is today's Wishlist/WTB list! I'm in the mood to create some saucy little looks to add to my lookbook, but anything from the heart is always appreciated! :heart: :hug:



Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:12 pm
by SamiSpiffy23 (138400888)
:bye: Hello Yo-angels!!! :angel: Tysm Greg Paw & Cynn for posting the new thread!

:star: WL Is Currently Being Updated! :star:
Wishing for any of these new male hairs today :)
Tysm to yo-angels who sent me an item from face cases :D

Also wishing for any furniture from the current theme! :D Any New hairs & rares, Hats, bows, Handhelds, New Face case features, & any new NPC’s (I collect all NPC's) from the current & past themes. And as always gifts from the heart & surprises are loved & appreciated! :hug: :heart:

Tysvm in advance for looking! Please take the time to thank your gifters in their inbox & as well in the official “Thank You” thread! The official thread speaks volumes & not just your inbox; I check that regularly! A little appreciation goes a long way!

I’m actively keeping an eye on all WL to see what I can grant now! May you all have a blessed Day/Night!!!

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:18 pm
by Fiore (155677018)
Hi everyone, this is my wishlist... Some are a bit outrageous, so they are just wishes; I am not expecting any of these, more than happy to receive anything from the :heart:

❤OMG Wish❤

Some Instore Items:
·Covered In Blood NPC PI2019
·Dark Blue Student Goggles YP2019
·Glowing Blue/Green Heroine Eyes YP2019 (already have red) (Thank you peace <3)
·Green Smoking Spirit Eyes PI2019

~I love anything Miami, Pixies Borough, Space/SO2016, PI2019, CC2019, Medieval Fantasy, and Fairytale Fantasy

I gift where & when I can :) :gift:

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:21 pm
by Always (112546669)
Hello :heart:

Thank you CynammynSpicePaw and Greg PAW for posting this thread daily.

I absolutely love berets, beanies, onesies, anything newspaper boy related, crochet, cozy, blankets and comforters. Also I collect brown hairs and anything black and white for my silent film diva outfits :heart:

The following items are OMG! wishes, I know some are expensive, Im willing to buy them at a reasonable price, please let me know if you are selling).


Thank you very much for looking :hug:


Greg PAW, JustJo, JessieBooDaBoox2hot, Mizz Libra, MrsClaus, Fiore, Anna Del, Sandra RLFYOC, LindyLou Who, Undecided, K1K0, MelanieAnn, Cressida Sparks, Cereza, lola, GANGSTA, Miss Kitty, sNaPCraCkLeNPop, ChAoTiC, Momo, SamanthaB, Amelia, Prynsess K, Judes CDN, vm, Tiff, Fermitthekrog YBLA, PurPlyAnjelZ XXX, Shanny, Lallieray, Renee, Moca xx, TiNkErBeLL, Butterfly, pinkraine, Autumn Glory, ORBIT, Star XD, KristenK, HaeZ, Lockhart Missy, Movie Star DFZ, Abby Dawn, WILLINGFAITH, Michaela, Dia, Emma, AnnThinksTGIF, ZFGxSilverFoxy, michelle ganley, YoBreezy, peace, Skylar Heartbinder, Claudia Elaine, MsPhantom, LiL MaMa, snowy, Ashley333, M40, gretchen, Amanda, | iCon |, AyEsHa, DianaBanana, Mrs Poker, T Louie, Hayami, Mir, Illishar, LEgJaSSy, NecroNancy, Naz, Gadget, taffywrap, Pinkylola, ToxiXFnmWiildYfg, DREARY, maka, Patricia, Pigeonlips, Avery Aries, Solanum, Joey CGxDHxYML, linny, Stephanie, TL Kira, CCDawn, Kookie ZeroTwo, iMac, Maninblack, Rayleigh, IISophieII and Ash.

Looking this thread constantly to see if I can help granting wishes :heart:


Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:21 pm
by Ash (142515693)
Hello everyone ~ I hope you are all doing well :rose:

Today I'm wishing for these items :heart:


Thank you for looking & reading :hug:

Knock Knocks :gift:

Diamond Icing :rose:

Greg PAW x4 :hug:

Keli Jo x 3 :heart:

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:24 pm
by SIBxGeekxHTA (186017608)
Wi-Fi Fridge CYM2015 Tropical Bed EFE2019
Image Image

Enchanting China Dragon Necklace Purple Tropical Painting 2 EFE2019
Image Image

Leisure Suit Onesie XO2019 Blue Cat Ears Headband CP2014
Image Image

Japanese Pinup Hair Black California Summer Shell Chimes EAU2019
Image Image

Tropical Interior Stone Wall EFE2019 x2 Tropical Interior Plant Wall EFE2019 x2
Image Image

Autumn Pointed Hat TF2018

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:30 pm
by Holly TBY2Hot (146390898)
ANY cute colorful hair!! Corrupted Queen Villain Hair and Effervescent Hair are my BIIIIIG BIIIIG wishes :love: :love: :love:

Also, I love Halloween things :balloon:

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:40 pm
by Liz (146342982)
TYSVM Greg & CynnamynSpycePaw for posting everyday :D
Hi hope everyone is having a Great Day.

I Love Surprises & finding prezzies in my gift box
I'm a pet & NPC Hoarder
This is my OMG WL
TYSVM to my Angels to numerous to list
I am gifting silently to people who Thank me & don't hit & run <3

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:48 pm
by Miss Kitty (167124329)
Thank you for taking a look! Have a wonderful evening! :hug:

:heart: Gifting when possible :heart:

:gift: OS iMac - Pink vacation lips

:gift: Rayleigh - Vintage rose effect and vampiress hair

:gift: Anna Del - California summer chair

:angel: Yo Angels :angel:
Piilani - Laudy Daudy - Fiore - RoZ Eloryn - Ashley333 - CynnamynSpycePaw - PetiteTattoo - Lil Mama - MissToya JW - Mizz Libra - 0oASHYo0 - bethany - Anna Del - AyEsHa - ChAoTiC - Erephyre - Ruby Torchwi - Amaya - Alicia - Madeline - Jewelzz77 -JessieBooDaBoox2hot - Butterfly - Bazzinga - Renee - Hayami - aBBy - Undecided -TT -KimmieStarDreams - LockheartMissy - Tiff - Greg PAW - CCPG - JustJo - Ember -EmpressAlice Hunt - Cereza - Antekis - Gibble - DianaBanana - sNaPCraCKLeNPoP - MsPhantom -Waypast - Sister T - Renee 130 - Aewyn - AnnThinksTGIF -MrsClaus - Cressida Sparks - Movie Star DFZ - Liz - WILLINGFAITH - Moca xx - Lori - Dia- BadMoon - GANGSTA - KristenK - HaeZ - SamanthaB - Sandra RLFYOC - Claudia Elaine - Peace - Keli Jo -

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:29 pm
by CynnamynSpycePaw (11683468)
Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
I am wishing really hard for:

I am wishing for anything from the Elvin Kingdom Theme, Modern Farm House Theme, Community Garden Theme

I would also love to do the Santa/elf Village so am wishing for : Northpole Toy Shop EDE2018, Interactive Knitting with Mrs Claus EDE2018, Aurora Borealis Effect EDE2018, Village Office Post Building EDE2018, Santas Workshop Fireplace EDE2018, North pole Decorated Gate EDE2018, North Pole Christmas Bakery EDE2018, Animated Elf Making Bear EDE2018, North pole Decorated Fence EDE2018, Animated Reindeer Family EDE2018,
Elves Bunk Bed EDE2018, Magic Glow Effect EDE2018,
North Pole Clock Tower EDE2018, Cozy Christmas Toque EDE2018

Halloween: The Halloween Bat Cage, The Interactive Spell book, The Fortune Teller Wagon, Gruesome Garden, The Interactive Garden Arch and The Salem Sorceress Hat. And of course anything New Halloween that will be coming out.
I also love anything Fall. And I also love anything animated.

I also love anything from the heart.

Thankyou so so much
Hugs Cynnamyn

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:54 pm
by Rayleigh (107577566)
Will editing and gifting soon! :angel: Knock-knocks :angel: :hug: :rose: :gift:
- Keli Jo : from heart :hug: :gift:
- AmityAffliction : from heart :hug: :gift:
- Peace : from heart :hug: :gift:
- Illishar : from heart :hug: :gift:
- Stephanie : from heart :hug: :gift:


Special thanks for :
- Illishar : for this wonderful Gold kimono floral comb :hug: :heart:
- Amity affliction : for this amazing gold kimono floral comb :hug: :heart:
- Stephanie : for sweet shabby items :hug: :heart:
- Keli Jo : for the omg wishes! (Aurora borealis effect :hug: :rose: )

for today wishlist is :


Bought the sayuri hair :heart:

special OMG wishes thanks :
- Smitten Kitten :hug: :heart: :rose:
- Keli Jo :hug: :heart: :rose:

- any kind of female black or platinum hair (im a hair addict :drool: :silly: :silly: )
- any shabby wearable or funiture (honestly i don't even have one of them because i missed that theme :quiet: )
- any female eyes ;)
- any items, handheald, or hats :haha:
- any aphrodite hair or vampire hair in any colors :hug: :rose: :heart: :angel:

and proudly present my yoangels! :angel: :angel: *will edited soon

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:08 pm
by IISophieII (181922882)
Hello Everyone!! :heart: Hope you all are doing fantastic! :heart: :hug:
Please do not forget to say thank you!
As this is a wishlist, I do not expect anything. :hug: :hug:
Here are my wishes!! :angel:

I'll be around gifting shortly!
:heart: :heart: KNOCKIES :heart: :heart:

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:40 pm
by AmityAffliction (180715113)

My wishlist is as follows:

Deadly Leaf Girl Hat
Cupid Wings (Any Color)
Yolex (TY MAKA) :heart:
Yoville Hat (Any Color)
Animal Reserve Jumba Lips Brown
Pixies Borough Lionell Tattoo Black
OneEye Eyes Pink
Iconic Actress Mouth (Any Color)
Ancient Rome SoSo Eyes Grey
Tied Bow Bandana
Cupid's Bow and Arrow
Medieval Fantasy OneEye Skull Band (Any Color)
Beverly Hills Jumba Coffee Cup
Beverly Hills Lionell Square Earrings Icy (Any Color)
Lionell Pet Ring (Any Color)
Baby Leopard Yober
Australia Jumba Suave Lips (Any Color)
Australia Lionell Fringe Hair (Any Color)
Pixies Borough Jumba Eye Makeup (Any Color)
Pixies Borough Jumba Streaked Hair (Any Color)
Medieval Fantasy Jumba Eye Makeup (Any Color) (TY SMITTEN KITTEN) :heart:
Medieval Fantasy Jumba Wavy Hair (Any Color)
Medieval Fantasy Jumba Pierced Lips (Any Color)
Australia Jumba Dark Eyes Pink
SnowVille Jumba Fur Top (Any Color)
SnowVille Jumba Bow and Arrow (Any Color)
SnowVille Jumba Lips (Any Color)
kING jUMbA Tattoo
Kitty Ears Whiskers and Tail
Harlequin Spooky Split Hair

Any Shabby Items
Any 08-09 Items
Any Groovy Items
Any Southern Romance Items
Any Australian Items
Any Fifty Shades Items
Any Spellbound Items
Any Christmas Items
Any Good Vs. Evil Items
Any Beverly Hills Items
Any Mafia Items
Any Whimsical Items

(Any items that aren't on these lists will still be appreciated :angel: )

:love: :kiss: :rose:

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:42 pm
by JustJo (106622274)
Sorry so late-last day before pool closing-hadda blast!!! :)
:heart: Anything Fall




Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:51 am
by Anna Del (1251882)
Just got home from work. Posting my wishlist


Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:55 am
by Maka (1237146)
Good afternoon everyone. I want to thank Greg Paw and CynnamynSpycePaw for this daily thread.
I love decorating and I love timeless items, Art Deco, Shabby chic, industrial, vintage or tropical from past events. If you have any item on my list and want to sell, leave a MP, it will be answered.
I will not give again to anyone who does not even thank you, it is something of simple education.
Have a nice day yoangels.

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:27 am
by Amelia (105859454)
Thank you to all you lovely yo's :hug:
I'll gift where I can,
I will gladly buy any of these :)

Tysm Keli Jo & pR DessPLaYaZ for the red & black summer hairs :)

Re: Official Wish List 9/11/19

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:12 am
by Mizz Libra (136290570)
Hello ladies and gentlemen :D Would absolutely love and appreciate any of the items shown in the following two images please. Some of the decor wishes listed I may need more than one of for a room design in mind. Thank you for consideration! I gift when able to , time and item wise. Long work hours in a three shift system and many vaulting themes sometimes make it difficult :heart: