Official Wish List 10/19/21

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Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Cynna Girl (11683468) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:59 pm


Official Wish List Thread 10/19/21
Happy October Everyone!!!!!!
Official Wish List thread, here are a few basic rules:

1. One Wish List per 24 hours. Do not Post 2 wish lists in the same thread. If it was a honest mistake please edit it and say sorry was a mistake.

2. You are allowed 2 Posts. One with your wish list and 1 with people you are gifting. Or you can add your gifting list to your wish list post. Totally up to you.

3. Do not post with an alternate account as this is is against BVG Rules and my rules and I consider it greedy and rude. If you post with an alt. You will be on my Ban list and reported to BVG.

4. Be aware of the forum rules made by Gary, Greg, and The Vikings. If you do not follow them I will report you.

5. Please keep your Thank You's to your Angels Private message or to your Angels Home mail box or in Greg Paws Thank you Thread.
I have had several complaints that people are taking up to much space on their post with everyone's angels with thanking them. Just trying to make it a little easier for people to go through wishes.

6. No Rudeness.If you are rude you will be banned from posting in my thread.

7.Do not copy someone else's wish list. If you do not know how to make your own you can ask some one to make you one or have someone explain to you how to make one. But stealing someone else's wish list is now against this threads rules. As it is extremely rude to do and it is also against this threads rules on being rude. USE YOUR MANNERS. As I know everyone here has them.

8.Please keep Wish list at a minimum. Written or Picture maximum number of items not to exceed 50.
If you would like a picture one I or some one else who is willing can make you one.

9. If anyone gifts something YC that is on someone's wish list. Please post on your gifting peoples list that you gifted that person that item. It makes it so much easier for everyone else who also gifts things. And the ones who are gifted please if you receive an item on your wish list please mark it off that you got it so other people do not send you same item. And I will do my best to remember this as well.

10. Saying Thank you is a must. It is considered rude if you do not and will put you on my Ban List. If you can take the time to post your wish list then you can spend a few seconds more that it takes to message that person and say thank you. If you are having issues and can not please message me and I will do my best to message them for you.

11. Also do not post and run. Constantly posting and running and never gifting any one or just constantly posting only 1 persons name and not gifting anyone else is kind of rude. And can hurt others feelings. So please do not post and run this is not cool.

12: Do not ask for Yo Cash for a wish item. Yes people can send YC to people now But please do not ask for it. If some one wants to send YC they will do so.
Also I reserve the right to add rules as I see fit or change any of these rules as I see fit.

Be Kind to someone, and someone might be kind to you"

Enjoy this thread and remember, saying thank you goes a long way!

Hugs CynnaGirlPaw
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Sharon (11135269) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:03 pm

Happy Monday....Thanks Cynna and Greg


Will gift where I can :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

JUSTJO :gift: Brown Christmas Sign
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby CollateralDamage (185109488) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:07 pm

this week's wishes! thank you for looking :bye: :heart:

:heart: :heart: Im also wishing for ANY CHRISTMAS FURNITURE and DECOR! I am in need of bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom items most! (may be under names "festive", "xmas", "holiday", "christmas", "ede", etc! :heart: :heart:

looking for these items in any color!


Knock Knocks This Week (10/17-10/24) :

:gift: Sami: Berry, Ash Brown, and White Cornrows
:gift: Liz: Jack O Lantern Treat Basket HH
:gift: Jenna: Neon Fear Bed, Fear Braids, Kenjeyz Pumpkin HH Orange
:gift: Tiff: Ethereal Forest Spirit Hair
:gift: Sea Urchin: Spinning Violet and White Web Light, Navy Wall Web , White Interactive Spider Dance Table
:gift: Christie: Sayuri Doll Tint
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Gabby (136594226) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:12 pm

Hello :bye: I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)
My wishlist:

Also any Waterfalls, Fountains or Halloween
Anything from the :heart: is also always appreciated :rose:

to the wonderful YoAngels that have gifted me :heart: :rose:

Have a wonderful day & Thank You for taking the time to read this :rose:

:gift: Knock Knocks :gift:
:gift: Christie (Frightening Skull Bubble Braids BB2021)
:gift: Sea Urchin (Clickable Narrow Mausoleum HG2021)
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Sea Urchin (160142421) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:12 pm

CollateralDamage-Red Clickable Hallway Closet XM2019
Gabby- Fountains X3
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby SIBxG33K (186017608) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:13 pm

Purple WiS YOL Lollipop HH DC2020 Pink Liberty Spikes UK2016
Image Image

Leisure Suit Onesie XO2019 Green Poison Cloud Effect HW2016
Image Image

Starburst Blonde Fall Elf Hair TF2017 Glowing Lunar Chandelier AA2021
Image Image

Super Water Gun HH NN2020 Watergun HH SC2019
Image Image

Clickable Gem Chandelier EJU2018 Purple Round Clown Eyes HW2016
Image Image

Pumpkin Patch Hair Band TF2016 Lagoon Ceddy Gods Ganstz Fiery Sam Do DC2021
Image Image
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Dash (177039416) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:16 pm

Thank you Greg Paw and CynnaGirlPaw for posting this wish list trend, appreciate you both :rose:
Hey yall hope everyone is having a marvelous day :angel: :heart:
I would also like any of these small wishes :angel:
hairs I've missed from 2018 to 2021, idles/walks, effects, Perm skins, facial features, rare hairs & hats, VIP items, costumes and old theme items, items that are leaving stores soon
a few themes I like Royal India, Broadway, Snowville, Emerald City **Wearables**

Anything from the heart is always great! I appreciate each and everyone that take time out of their day just to stop by and drop of a gift, these are simply just wishes so I don't have high expectations, its the thought that really counts :hug:

:gift: KNOCK KNOCK :gift:
pR Bear :gift: 2 Medium paint boards
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby SamiSpiffy23 (138400888) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:17 pm

:bye: Hello Yo-angels!!! :angel: Tysm Greg Paw & Cynn for posting the new thread!
My Wishlist:-
Wishing for any furniture from the current theme! :D Any New hairs & rares, Hats, bows, Handhelds, New Face case features, & any new NPC’s (I collect all NPC's) from the current & past themes. And as always gifts from the heart & surprises are loved & appreciated! :hug: :heart:
Tysvm in advance for looking! Please take the time to thank your gifters in their inbox & as well in the official “Thank You” thread! The official thread speaks volumes & not just your inbox; I check that regularly! A little appreciation goes a long way!
I’m actively keeping an eye on all WL to see what I can grant now! May you all have a blessed Day/Night!!!
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby snowy (112519203) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:18 pm

Thanks Cynna and Greg for this daily Wish List

I will be around to gift in a bit, I need to go out and mow

:gift: :gift:

Jenna--scarecrow eyes and makeup
JJ--Black Flowers
Greg--clickable building
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Dayna (181826824) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:22 pm

these are only wishes! i do not need these items, but i am so greatful to anyone who sends any <3 TYVM again

if you'd like i will always be happy with anything pink <3

i will gift if i have something, TY <3 :gift: :D

CollateralDamage :gift: <3 white house dress
JustJo :gift: <3 x99 Yellow Wild Flowers, x99 Red Garden Flowers, x99 Red Wildflowers, x99 Orange Wildflowers
Sandra :gift: <3 Blaze Pumpkin Space Buns
Tiff :gift: <3 Platinum Pumpkin Space Buns
Sami :gift: <3 Red & Blue Tiff Summer Glam Bow
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Christie (153868918) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:05 pm

Hello Everyone! :)

Thank you so much Cynna Girl and Greg for posting daily and giving the chance to wish! :rose:
This is my wishlist but I also appreciate any out of store Halloween items! :hug: :heart:

Will always gift where I can :)

:gift:Knock knocks from the heart
:heart: CollateralDamage - Yellow Toy Making Machine XM2016 :hug:
:heart: Sharon - Clickable Angel Christmas Tree WY2019 XM2019 :hug:
:heart: Greg - Halloween Archway YMCA2021 :hug:
:heart: pR Bear - Medium & Large Paint Board :hug:
:heart: JustJo - Brown Christmas Wood Sign PN2020 XM2020 & NPCs from the heart :hug:
:heart: Sandra YOC - HG2021 HW2021 items :hug:
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby BEANS (110735736) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:40 pm

hello dear WL buddies,


TYVM!!! :hug:
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Greg (105652472) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:45 pm

Random Gifting :gift: :gift:



Anything from new theme

Anything from new GEM event tiers 4-8

Any Halloween YMCA2021
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Sealine (105788113) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 5:26 pm


This week: :gift: Sea Urchin - Purple Neon Fear Lace Skirt :gift: Collateral Damage - XM2018 from the :heart: :gift: Jenna - Me (Sealine Halloween NPC) :gift: Tiff - Auburn Ceddy Double Buns :gift: Sharon - Red Sectional Christmas Couch
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby pR Bear (160668514) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 6:15 pm

Thank you Cynn :heart:
I hope you all have a lovely day, stay safe you beautiful people
Thank you for looking!~

Knock Knock :gift: :gift:

:gift: Sealine (Black Walking Cat)
:gift: Christie (Sayuri eyes)
:gift: CollateralDamage (xmas furn)
:gift: Dayna (Animal reserve headband)
:rose: :rose:
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Always (112546669) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:09 pm

Hello Yo Angels! :heart:

Thank you Cynna Girl and Greg for posting this thread daily.

Wishing for the items down below. I love plaid and cozy clothes to make pjs outfits. Also love short brown or short male rare hairs.

Brown Chopped Bob Hair CU2017 // Strawberry Halloween Costume BB2021 HW2021
Image // Image

Strawberry Sweetheart Shoes XO2016 (GRANTED! Thank you Claudia Elaine!)

Sugar Sweet Candy Cornrows BB2021 (SUPER OMG!) // Mossy Stone Modern Hair CM2021// Brown IceAgeComing Maroon Hair CM2021 DC2021

Any color Ghost Hunter Goggles HW2015 // Ghost Hunter Trap HW2015
Image Image

Looking this thread constantly to see if I can help granting wishes!

Knock knocks ( :gift: =from wishlist / :heart: = from the heart)

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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby JustJo (106622274) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:30 pm

for todays wishes...
Thank you for looking...

:star: Any items from the new halloween theme
:star: Any outdoor decor assets
:heart: Collecting Any NPC'S
:star: Some items coin in store some $


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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Sandra YOC (185846977) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:41 pm

OMG Any of these new hairs
ImageHave white cornrows and yellow candy corns.

Anything to decorate new theme.

Any Thanksgiving, Fall, Autumn items to decorate.

Random gifting. :angel: :D
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby XoJennaXo (115973138) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 8:12 pm

Just another Crazy Monday.....Thank you Cynna & Greg for this wonderful WL <3

:heart: HUGS YOANGELS :heart: Please remember these are only wishes; I am very thankful for each and every gift. I LOVE ALL gifts from the HEART :heart: Willing to pay for these <3 Have a blessed Day

*****Hoping to finish up my Scarecrow Outfit xoxo******

CHECKING Your WL Hoping to find lots to gift <3
:gift: :gift: :gift: Weekly KKs :gift: :gift: :gift:
Collateral Damage :gift: Christmas Goodies
Sealine :gift: Lavender Ombre Chain Link Hair
Gabby :gift: HW Gifts from the Heart
Dash :gift: Folklore Nessie Hair
Christie :gift: Black Serenity Bun Bows
JustJo :gift: New Gothic HW fence/flowers
pR Bear :gift: New Paint Boards
Dia :gift: Skull Hair

Thank You and always treat others how you want to be treated; you never know what is going on with someone behind the screen you are looking at and this is a tough world HUGS, Peace and Love xoxo Jenna
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Re: Official Wish List 10/19/21

Postby Dia (182313813) » Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:29 pm

Happy Spooky Month Image
Image I do gift others often☻On forum and in game events. Image
☻ However Not gifting those who post and run daily Never giving to others.☻
☻Be Polite and thank your gifter☻NO TY no more gifts from me☻
Image Sea - Large Petrified skull tree
Image Christie - Halloween & Haunted furni /decor
Image XoJennaXo - Ken Jeyz Scarecrow saw HH
Image Gabby - Halloween fountains x2
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