Official Wish List 6/30/20

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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby CynnamynSpycePaw (11683468) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:51 am

Hey everyone,
Please look at your wish lists and if you have over 50 items you need to cut them back a bit.

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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby xCSxGiLxDoTax (187793380) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:32 am

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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby Noallie (186867574) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:16 am


Thank you CynnamynSpycePaw for posting the thread.
Thank you to all angels who have sent me gifts in the past and who are sending gifts to others today.

Special thanks to my angels Sandra RLFYOC, AnnThinksTGIF, GH0STE and Denna :heart:
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby JeNNy (175442028) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:52 am


Thank you so much to all my Yo Angels for your kind hearts!
I’ll always try and gift people I can! :hug:
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby Mugi (186729878) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:22 am

Thanks for looking! Have a good day! :hug:
:gift: :gift: :gift:
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby 8bit (172261836) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:06 am

Hi everyone! I don't really post that often anymore but decided to start back on this thread as of today and gift a few as well as posting my wishlist to possibly be gifted. Hope you have an amazing day! :heart:


Gifted :heart:
:gift: CynnamynSpycePaw :balloon: Seductive hair in brown
:gift: xtine :balloon: Peppermint Princess Eyes
:gift: Ash :balloon: Sayuri Doll case/doll arm
:gift: eVeN :balloon: Pierre Catsuit Portrait and Female Director Outfit
:gift: Rain :balloon: Celestial Nymph Lunar pigtails
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby Mizz Libra (136290570) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:16 am

Hello ladies and gentlemen :D Would absolutely love and appreciate any of the items shown in the following two images please. Some of the decor wishes listed I may need more than one of for a room design in mind. Thank you for consideration! I gift when able to , time and item wise. Long work hours in a three shift system and many vaulting themes sometimes make it difficult :heart:


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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby Daniella EDC (108753679) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:01 pm

Knocks :gift:

:heart: Ash - Orange Cam Summer Girl Headband
:heart: SamiSpiffy23 - Plat Smitten Kitten Hair
......................♡ Siggy made by me ♡ Plushies WTBFurniture WTB
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby SnowDustMoony (5155420) » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:18 pm

Bee (185744804) wrote:Thank you for taking time out of ur day to post this thread Greg and Cyn :heart:

Congrats to Angelic Rose and Smitten Kitten on their lovely lovely items they designed, i am in love with the stuff <3

I haven't been on the game too much bec of longer shifts so i apologize for unanswered msges :). Today i am wishing for these and any swamp decor/New royal decor or wearables/New hair. Thank you to everyone in this lovely community that helped me and sent lovely gifts and wishes



If you have the time :heart: Please check my forever wtb/wish list linked below my Signature :heart:

I have the kindest YoAngels: :angel: Angelic Rose, Fiore, Chip, Moviestar, DianaBanana, Anna Del, Sealine, Michaela, Michele, Smitten Kitten, KimmiDee, JustJo, ZFGxSilverFoxy, AnnThinksTGIF, LindyLou Who, Lyric, ChristineYoVip, MsPhantom, CC AuntieVirus, Tam NDC, Undecided, LEAH, CynnamynSpycePaw, Tam NDC, NannyPoo, Cereza, MESxSkylar, JessieBoo, Riyella, Ash, HillBunny, Pinkraine, Denna, Hayami, Teddie, Miss Kitty, TL Kira, Christine, Toxic Leah, Heather Salvatore, Samantha Hayes YTS, CrushBeMine, Liberty Bo Panda, TRIX, Allen, Mizu, Joey 101, CrushBeMine, Daniella EDC, Yoonji, Xtine, Goodwitch, Kimmie, JRR, Gwendoline, Kleo, Illishar, Raven, Crestfallen, Keli Jo, SyaLitz, Snow BMM, Jenna

:gift: fruity orange lips sent :)
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Re: Official Wish List 6/30/20

Postby DETJoe Malone (171975117) » Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:21 pm

Hi Everyone!!!

Please know these are only wishes. They are things I would love to have but are by no means things I have to have. Just things I will always cherish. I am so truly truly grateful to all of you. This game means the whole world to me and as do all of you.

Ok the things I am wishing for are

Male Black Police Set (mafia vs police 09)
Male Brown Police Set (mafia vs police 09)
Silver Police Badge
Black Mafia Set (mafia vs police 09)
Blue Mafia Set (mafia vs police 09)
Brown Mafia Set (mafia vs police 09)
Briefcase (09)
facemic (09)
Grim Reaper 2009
Screaming Mask 2009
Heroes Super Cop Car
Mafia II Police Car
Duty Belt

Metal Police Desk
Police Filing Cabinet
Police Interrogation Chair
Police Interrogation table
Police Private Desk
Police Radio
Police Jail Cell Door
Police Jail Cell
Police Jail bed
Police Security Monitors
Police Siren Light
Police Steno Chair
Mafia YoVille Is Yours Statue
Mafia Poker Table
Mafia Poker Chips
Mafia Beverage Bar
Mafia Bar Shelf
Mafia Bar Cart
Mafia Boss Desk
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