[RULES and HOW TO ENTER] Holly Jolly Design Contest!

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[RULES and HOW TO ENTER] Holly Jolly Design Contest!

Postby Viking Sarah » Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:36 pm

Please read the Design Contest "RULES" and "HOW TO ENTER" sections below before entering!

Designs in .ai, .svg, or other vector formats will receive extra consideration.
    While hand-drawn designs are given consideration, vector images still work best with Yo. If you decide to enter, choose whatever medium works best for you - but it might be a good opportunity to learn vector software if you don't know it already! Try Inkscape - it's free!
    Note: Please try avoid changing the main shape of the Yo (waist slimming, adding a neck, etc). Additionally, if you do decide to create in a vector format, try to avoid blur or drop shadow effects (or at least keep them to one group) as they don't tend to work well with Yo. Adhering to both of these will increase your chances of being selected as a finalist!
You MUST send your design files to [email protected] upon submission.
    In order to be considered for this contest, you must email us the files you have created BEFORE THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE.
All items in your submission must be contained in ONE image
    Entries that contain items split between more than one image may result in some items being omitted, should the design be chosen as a winner.
You MUST include a back view in your design (if it is warranted).
    Any items in your design that are visible when your Yo turns around should have a back view included in the design.
We will endeavour to honour designed suggested variants, if it is possible.
    Suggestions and even designs for potential variants for your design are welcome, though not required. Variants and alternate colours are not guaranteed to be created.
Variations between submitted designs and the final winning items may occur.
    If your entry is chosen, our artists may need to adjust your entry, or even re-create your entry from scratch, in order to make the items work in YoWorld. We will do our best to represent the original design while recreating it, however exact replicas are not guaranteed, and minor variations will not be revised. Using a vector image file, avoiding filters and airbrushing, submitting your source files, and ensuring your design does not expand too far outside the confines of the Yo will help minimize variances.
Any design you submit must be your own original work. 
    By posting your design, you acknowledge that you are releasing all rights to your creations, and confirm that they are your own creations. Any violations of this rule will result in a permanent disqualification from future design contests.

Post your entry in the correct entries thread:

Please use separate posts for each entry. 
    If your post contains more than one entry, only the first will be considered.

We've also secured a template for everyone to use as a rough base for your designs! Right-click the image and save it to your computer for easy use :)
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