[ANNOUNCEMENT] Country Style Halloween Theme Brief

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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Country Style Halloween Theme Brief

Postby NF2GxSw33tCandyYTF (170644823) » Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:48 pm

xNVx (129595882) wrote:
NF2GxSw33tCandyYTF (170644823) wrote:
xNVx (129595882) wrote:
NF2GxSw33tCandyYTF (170644823) wrote:
xNVx (129595882) wrote:
Crinkle Dinkle (126579776) wrote:More like this.....


That's my kind of corn maze :thumbsup: Last time i checked Halloween supposed to be creepy and not look all inviting and stuff :haha:

It all depends how you like to enjoy creepy :thumbsup: I'm not a gory lets kill them all kind of person. I can't stand all the blood and skin ripped off. I like the more of the sexual fantasy edge. Never had a partner complaining :thumbsup:

I never said anything about gore and i'm not sure what sexual fantasy has anything to do with Halloween. When it comes to Halloween i'm not worried about making my partner happy, it's about the people that come to trick or treat . To me the dark and unknown ( an abandoned old house in the dark or an old abandoned anything in the dark ) is more creepy to me than a place with a bunch of blood and stuff. To me a welcome sign with some pumpkins and sunshine and all is inviting to me and not very Halloween, that's what my post was about.[/quot

If you watch movies there is a lot of fantasy to attract the watcher and in any genre. We all have our own likes I guess that was all I was saying, wasn't busting on you at all sorry if you took it that way :hug: Just was stating in general most like the gore, blood, killings I never enjoyed that at all at any age not my cup of tea.

That's why we all give feedback so we all can get a little bit of what we think Halloween is all about. We all are different and are into different things, yo would be boring if all of us thought the same way :thumbsup: To me i do like gore but to me like i said the unknown is creepier to me than anything but when i post i always speak about myself. :hug: Hope this year we all get something we enjoy.

I agree, hope everyone gets what they would like :thumbsup:
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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Country Style Halloween Theme Brief

Postby xXLiSaLiShUsXx (120422896) » Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:31 am

Pierre (187421515) wrote:That feels too fall for me :)

There is never too much Fall Pierre!!!! :D

But Im HOPING this theme will NOT disappoint because I need Fall overload and so do loads of Yoplayers. I love Halloween, too. I would love just a straight up country style Fall but I guess I can be ok with both mixed together. As long as some regular Fall items are blended in without looking Halloween'y.
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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Country Style Halloween Theme Brief

Postby Sonia (132905524) » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:05 pm

Viking Andrew wrote:Hey YoFans!

You told us what theme you wanted to see the most in our most recent Halloween survey, and now you get the chance to help us plan what it looks like!

A Country-Style Halloween, suggested by YoFan Sonia

Theme Brief: We're looking to put together a creative, rustic, crafty autumn theme that blends country chic with classic Halloween aesthetics.

Here is what the house might look like:

House Layout:

We want your suggestions on what you want to see in those rooms!

Not the theme you were hoping for? Don’t worry. There is also a spot to leave off-theme suggestions—please put these ideas inside the General Halloween Suggestions thread!

BVG, Myself and the players who vote for A country-Style Halloween we really appreciate it.
Thank you very much :heart:
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