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Re: 08 Costumes...

Postby LUSTFUL NIGHTMARE (177682964) » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:18 am

Thursday Soleil (136586881) wrote:I actually love this idea. I think we need an updated then vs. now refresh.... or make it a design contest because I KNOW these talented Yodesigners would make them amazing.

as someone who has been fortunate enough to collect some old outfits... Full blown revamp would be cool.


I have spent a pretty penny to complete my collection but I don’t wear them. They date my outfits. I would love new ones that I can wear with my current outfits
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Re: 08 Costumes...

Postby Sofia 4u (161840080) » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:22 am

I am a collector of the 08 costumes, I have all the women's costumes.
I would love to see a new and renewed version of all of them.
I would surely collect them too. :heart:
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Re: 08 Costumes...

Postby Zoe (109907732) » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:24 pm

Taurus (185839344) wrote: i actually prefer the 08 designs. i know i am in the minority though. as far as rares go.. i think that the company tries to dictate a rare is part of the problem ..supply and demand should dictate a rare. just because bvg limitsthe supply still does not mean there will be a long term demand. putting a 100yc tag on a piece of crap doesn't mean it will be a desired rare. sure there will be an intial panic by a few people but the resale demand is just not there.

The law of supply and demand always win, thats why it is a law. Even putting out a thousand so called rares, it doesn't change things. The basic principle is simple, whatever is the demand, supply it.

The most expensive things so far in the games I noticed are china, india, and 08's 09's and few older stuff themes. Even the latest rarest cant compete with it. I suggest they should focus on the demands, and thinker from there. Releasing so called rares will only last a day or two, a week if they are lucky. After that no one remembers anymore.

Zynga has done this path, they failed. Don't repeat it.
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