Choppiness with YoWorld App

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Choppiness with YoWorld App

Postby Tee (114705783) » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:26 pm

Is anyone else experiencing a sort of "choppiness" with the YoWorld app? My game now intermittently "sticks" and the motions will become very laggy.. forcing me to back out of the game, and restart it.

I notice, sometimes.. when I restart the game and return.. that friend visits have occurred. My default will have visitors. But it doesn't seem that simple game activity such as friend visits, would cause this. :?:

Just curious if this is happening to anyone else? My laptop works just fine, otherwise. Only happens when I'm playing YoWorld through the app. No problems otherwise. And I've only noticed it, recently. Hasn't been happening before about a week ago.

Thanks for replies.
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