NO!!! It's Back! My View Is Ruined!!

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Re: NO!!! It's Back! My View Is Ruined!!

Postby TUSCANY (184148760) » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:50 am

k c (148676450) wrote:I have a question, and I'm not trying to be snarky at all.

Why does everyone say it's a money drain and costs so much? I haven't spent a dime of my real money on the GEs and don't spend an excessive amount of coins on them either. I know some people are all about collecting every item in the chests, but I just get whatever I get and don't worry about the stuff I don't get. I've gotten some fun stuff!

As far as the icons, to me it is no different than the daily cash deal icons they put up that i quickly click through and x out of to clear off my screen when I log on. I don't purchase any of them and they are gone within seconds without affecting my game play. Do I wish they weren't there every day because I am completely uninterested in spending my real life money? Sure! But it doesn't take anything for me to clear them off and move on.

I guess I just don't understand how it is such a big problem/nuisance for some people :?: :eh:

This is exactly what I do. Not spent a single penny on gems or boosters and have had some really nice free items. The fact that you have to fight the lag to go and spend sometimes 10 minutes trying to get buddies to get rid of that Icon is annoying, and as for voting If I have time ill flick through a few pages to find good ones but if not I vote for the first 5 that come up.
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Re: NO!!! It's Back! My View Is Ruined!!

Postby Rain (110294179) » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:25 pm

You only have to click them once to make them go away? Takes about 20 seconds. o_o


Thank you to all my wonderful YoWorld friends. You are the reason why I am here and I love you ALL.
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Re: NO!!! It's Back! My View Is Ruined!!

Postby Anthony SpaceTime (102235402) » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:38 pm

Rain (110294179) wrote:You only have to click them once to make them go away? Takes about 20 seconds. o_o


Though, I have to usually complete the daily task of going out and performing an action/posting a sticker in order to make mines disappear. Ease does not make something less of a nuisance, let's bust that myth.

BVG knows very well they could very much make this easier if they would just stop putting the icons on the screen. When someone leaves you a gift or inbox message, does a large envelope icon pop up on your screen? What about when you win or sell something in the AH? Announcements, sure but that's about the only other things and they go away with a click, but not these, least, not for me. Even daily bonuses don't produce icons on the screens. So I wonder, why is it that gem events take such precedence, such priority over everything else, that they deserve an icon on the screen? BVG knows how to remove the icon and make it a notification number at the bottom of the screen instead, cause they do it when the AH, gifts, and messages. They know we'd prefer it that way. They just haven't done it because they know it wouldn't benefit the feature, and would make it easier to ignore.
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