Wishing we could get more AH slots!

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Wishing we could get more AH slots!

Postby MsZ (185780339) » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:54 am

We get to put five items in at a time, I wish it would increase maybe 10 max? :angel: :angel: I wouldn't even mind having to pay for an extra space like how it works if you need another slot when dressing you avi it costs 2yc etc... I'd pay it for AH :haha:
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Re: Wishing we could get more AH slots!

Postby Riff (185643699) » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:07 am

well u can use 10 slots. 5 selling for coins and 5 selling for yc. and i think its unlimited if u list them as premiums.. which can be a good way to go if ur VIP cos u get the 24hr slot for the price of 3yc instead of 24yc. and its amazing to see some of the bids on these items, when there are even cheaper ones listed lol i guess some dont have the time to use the search feature or are just too lazy, so all they really look at are the premium listings

bvg has told us that they are currently working on upgrading the ah. i really hope they are familiar with it as much as us players are so that they can make some changes that actually benefit us. not to take away from bvg though. just a better feature where its win/win. there have been a lot of really good ideas posted on how to improve, whether they listen though is another story :eh:
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