Gold Spins now cost money to play ???

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Gold Spins now cost money to play ???

Postby Peela (2375631) » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:21 am

when I first started playing the Mobile App ... the free Gold Spins were FREE ... so you could up the amount you wanted to bet and try and get ahead in the levels... which was awesome ...

however ... since the weekend I have found that my 'free Gold Spins' actually arent free ..... THEY STILL COST ME THE SAME MONEY THAT ORDINARY SPINS COST .... so how can they be deemed 'free Gold Spins' if they arent technically free ... they still cost to use ... and you cant not use them as whenever you have them and go to play one of the games you automatically use them ...

so riddle me this ..... we get 'free Gold Spins' to use in the game , but they arent 'FREE' as they take the money off your balance when you use them ....

any chance one of the VIKINGS can explain this to me ??? :?: :?: :?: :?:
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Peela (2375631)
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Re: Gold Spins now cost money to play ???

Postby Cutie (187744573) » Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:51 am

Although it says free on the name, The Gold Spins are much better than than the regular spins since it multiplies the XP (depends on ur level, can start out at x5 and it keeps increasing as u level up) so I suggest you max up the betting for your golden spins so you can level up faster like how i max mine to 2k and my multiplier is 15x meaning i get an XP of 300 rather than 20 with a normal bet. So yeah there ya go! Hope this helps :D

I wish it was still free though, that would have been awesome! But I am still happy with its format today, got to level up faster
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Cutie (187744573)
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