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Postby BykaChic (134177197) » Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:35 pm

This happens every single time we need to send gifts. Every time.
I don't even bother worrying about completing. I just get my log in and leave.

19 1/2 hours after reset yesterday and I haven't had one single gift request to send.
Any other time I am loaded with requests.

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Postby Marilyn (104576654) » Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:17 am

Marilyn (104576654) wrote:
Marilyn (104576654) wrote:I have to agree with the above postings. No ads to add coins, meeting the challenges often costs more than the prize and now the gifting system isn't working correctly so that you cannot collect the daily bonus. When I try to send gifts requested within YoWorld, more often than not after sending one, it will message that I have already sent the maximum # on the 2nd. They don't seem to cross over to the mobile companion either. What's the point of this?

Ok, BVG, enough! Yesterday within the YoWorld game itself, I had one gift request. This evening there were actually 4. However, none, zip, zero could be returned to players. Same old, same old tired message.... you have already sent the maximum... when I had been able to send none.... not a one. If y'all can't seem to get it to work correctly, take it out of the game. Seriously FUBAR as is.

3/9/2019 Still the same nonsense going on month 3. Would someone kindly explain why some of the gift requests come to your phone and some go the game itself? How many of the ones found in the YoWorld game can be returned and in what time frame? Why put it in the main game at all when it clearly is not synched with the mobile game? Some days I get enough requests between the two places where gifts appear so that I could possibly meet the daily challenge but it never happens. For my $, you need to fix it or remove it altogether.
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