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Postby Viking Jess » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:50 pm

Hi guys. Please know that we can very much be aware of and working to resolve an issue without posting here. As it mentions on the pop-up when you go to watch ads from the App, availability of sponsored content may vary - this, combined with the fact that our advertising partners control ad inventory, makes it very difficult for our team to discern where an ads issue may stem from, or if it is indeed an issue. We can speak with our partners if many YoFans are not getting the number of Ads we would like, but we cannot force an advertiser to expand their audience or create new ads. Everything depends on what is available.

I'd like to remind everyone that breaking the Rules will not get our attention on an issue any faster - in fact, it hurts your purpose as we spend our time moderating instead of communicating and coordinating with the appropriate Vikings. This thread will be locked.

Taking note of the timeframe and those of you mentioning you're in Europe, I suspect there may be a link to GDPR compliance (though I am not a lawyer!). I will come back to update here if I hear any more news about this! :)
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