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[UPDATE] Introducing: Modular Rooms & Teleport Arrow Upd

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:01 pm
by Viking David
Hey YoFans,

It's a holiday miracle!

Well, okay. It's a "Vikings busted their butts to bring you this fancy new update before the new year" miracle... We've got a brand new addition to YoWorld coming your way, and it's bringing you the gift of better Teleport Arrows! Read on to find out what's got us so excited ;)

We're thrilled to introduce Modular Rooms to the Realtor! These new rooms are here by popular request to help you customize your homes. Just pick one up from the Realtor - they're all labeled MR2018 - and use the included Teleport Arrows to attach it. Each Modular Room has a Teleport Arrow placed within, and the accompanying Arrow will be placed in your inventory.

Here's a step-by-step to make it easier for you:
    • Purchase a Modular Room from the Realtor
    • Travel to the room that you'd like attached to your new Modular Room and enter Edit Mode
    • Find the new Teleport Arrow in your inventory and place it in the room
    • Save!
You'll also notice that Teleport Arrows in general have changed too...
    • Arrows now appear in pairs in your inventory, rather than all of them in one stack!
    • If you place an Arrow from the Edit Mode store, the accompanying Arrow will be placed in your inventory!
For best results, try to work with only one set of Teleport Arrows in your inventory at a time! Having multiple sets or single unpaired Arrows can be confusing, as you won't know which Arrow attaches where.

We hope this'll make attaching your properties together even easier :)