[EVENT] The Great Yo Snow Throw PART TWO!

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[EVENT] The Great Yo Snow Throw PART TWO!

Postby Viking Jess » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:11 am

Hey YoFans,

Ready for a new Community Event?! The rules of a Community Event are simple: YoWorld players work toward a goal that you must reach together. If you reach the collective goal, you unlock cool prizes!

This month's event is an old friend with a new twist... It's time for a Snowball fight!!! From now through December 31st, participate in the Great Yo Snow Throw (Part Two) and you'll unlock sweet prizes!

Here's how to participate:
    • Your community goal for this Event is... 1,000,000 Snowballs thrown! Throw one million Snowballs together with your fellow YoFans and you'll unlock cool prizes.
    • As always, there will be a prize for all YoFans if you reach the goal, as well as a prize just for Snowball-throwers!
    • Pick a red or green snowball to throw! Whichever team has thrown the most Snowballs at the end of the Event will affect your prize...

It's the moooooost wonderful time of the Yo-year... so get out and throw some snowballs at your friends' faces!! :haha: :cold:

Good luck ;)

P.S. If you have the Rainbow Snowball Maker or our new Animated Snowman Maker Kit placed, be sure to choose a Red or Green Snowball to be counted for this Event!
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