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[EVENT] Winter Holiday Event!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:00 pm
by Viking David
Hey YoFans,

Bring your Gems... Winter is coming, and a brand new Winter Holiday Event is arriving with it!

The biggest change you'll find in this Event is the new Magic Chest. Magic Chests contain new EDE2018 items only! Note that these same EDE2018 items may also be found in the Wooden and Mega Chests.

Care for a refresher on how Events work? Read on, Yo-fam!

Step 1: Hang Out
    • Every day, complete Hang Out tasks to earn a free item and a Token! Optional Bonus Challenges will give you Gems, too!

Step 2: Participate in Challenges
    Enter on the first day of each Challenge. Simply choose a template and start creating! Each Challenge has requirements that must be met before submitting, and ways to earn a Rating Boost!
    • You can leave and come back to your creation at any time before submitting - just be sure to come back before the deadline to hit the button so you're eligible for voting! No edits will be permitted after submitting. If you start an entry but don't submit it, your items will be returned to your inventory no more than 24 hours after the end of that Challenge.
    • Outfit Challenges now have a "basic" template! The last two options will show your very own face and basic pieces to get you started.
    To vote, come back on the second day of each Challenge! You'll earn Gems for voting a minimum of 5 times, but you can keep voting past that if you wish.
    Collect results on the third day of each Challenge. Your Star Rating is calculated based on how other YoFans have voted! Rating Boosts will be added to your voting score.
    • Prizes for these Challenges may include Gems, YoCash, or even Silver Tokens! (More about these in Step 3 below)
    • At the end of the Event, all items used for your submissions are yours to keep. Items and Rooms are given at the end of each Challenge. Outfit Slots can be claimed at the end of the Event!

Step 3: Get rewards!
    Open Event Chests using your Gems! These Chests contain existing in-store items as well as new Winter Holiday-themed items. You'll receive 1 common item from the Wooden Chest, or 1 rare-or-better item from the Mega Chest. To guarantee 1 brand new EDE2018 Event exclusive (also available in the other two Chests), take advantage of the new Magic Chest!
    NEW: Click on any unlocked item in the Rewards tab to see the item name!
    • Silver Tokens unlock even more cool prizes - your Silver Token progress can be seen at the top of the Event pop-up.
    • You can trade YoCash for Gems if you want to open more Chests. Check back frequently for updated Daily Deals and New Tier Deals!

As a reminder...
    • Each day begins at 4pm EST, which is now 21:00 game time (UTC).
    • To fulfill requirements in Outfit Challenges, you can use pants, skirts, or shorts interchangeably! This also applies to shirts or jackets!
    You can now delete Challenge Rooms if you want to!!!

If you have questions to ask or feedback to share, this is the place to do it! :heart: