[EVENT] Community Selfie Event: CONGRATULATIONS

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[EVENT] Community Selfie Event: CONGRATULATIONS

Postby Viking Jess » Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:00 am

Update: November 1st

Sorry for the delay - but I have good news ;)

You've pulled through on the last day and took a total of 28,283 qualifying Selfies! This means you've qualified for the GOLD prize :heart: :trophy:

We'll be releasing prizes very shortly! Claim the global reward through an upcoming pop-up. Participants will find their Handheld added by a Viking in their Log tab! If you participated but don't receive the prize, please let us know via ticket and we'll rectify this for you :heart:

Update: October 26th, 4:35pm EDT
Hi everyone! Quick update:

The numbers seemed a lot lower than we'd anticipated (as I said earlier, we don't set goals that we don't think you'll be able to hit as a general rule) - so we've been looking into it. As it turns out, we had an error in our reporting on your Selfies numbers!

Please note that we haven't yet updated to Friday's numbers (I'll be doing that in a moment), so there may be a fair jump. We'll be accounting for this error going forward, and retroactively applying the increased numbers for earlier this week beginning this upcoming Monday. There may be an even bigger jump! We're not manipulating them, only correcting our previous error :)

We're also looking into why some of you aren't seeing the little banner to note that your Selfie is being counted. This may or may not be related! We'll get it sorted, either way.
Hey YoFans,

Yo-legend tells that when your photo is taken, it will steal your soul... Such a spooky legend is perfect for a brand new Community Event!

The rules of a Community Event are simple: YoWorld players work toward a goal that you must reach together. If you reach the collective goal, you unlock cool prizes!

From now until November 1st, take Selfies with your buddies! Take one Selfie per day that includes at least 3 buddies! Only the first qualifying Selfie per player counts toward your goal, so be sure to help out other Yos in their Selfies too.

At the end of the Event, you'll be rewarded with prizes as follows:
    • All participating Selfie-takers will receive a Handheld Trophy!
    • A Bronze-level prize will be unlocked at 21,000 Selfies!
    • A Silver-level prize will be unlocked at 24,500 Selfies!
    • A Gold-level prize will be unlocked at 28,000 Selfies!

We'll keep track of your progress in a pop-up in the Promotions tray (updated once daily, Monday-Friday)... So make sure you take some good Selfies, and GOOD LUCK!

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