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[UPDATE] A Fun New Way to Shop: NEW Edit Mode Decor Store!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:55 pm
by Viking Jess
Hey YoFans!

Notice something new while you're decorating? You're about to! We're beyond excited to announce our brand new Edit Mode Decor Store!!! Let's get right into what's new, shall we?

    Move the decorating pane around as you wish - even outside of YoWorld's regular game area!

    • New and improved store categories, including the handy new On Sale section!

    Recent Items are added to the bottom bar as you interact with the store!

    • Any item can be dragged into your room or added to your Cart to place it directly into your inventory!

    • View your inventory in My Stuff! Check out the awesome new filters to see your new items, and even to apply Wallpaper and Flooring!

    • The new Cart lets you review your shopping spree. You can even add or remove items here! Adding puts items your Cart without placing them in your room. Removing items means you don't have to drag them out of your room!

    Note - the new Edit Mode Decor Store does not yet work in Challenge Events or Challenge Event rooms.

    And I know you'll be excited for this one...
    My Stuff lets your inventory load faster!!!

For a handy-dandy video overview, click here!

For the first little while, you'll be able to switch between the new and old stores through the upper right Settings menu. So don't hesitate to say "Let's Go!" when you first open Edit Mode!

Have questions? Post them in the thread below! We'll get to answering as quickly as we can. Feedback is more than welcome too! :heart: