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[UPDATE] All Kinds Of Fixes!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:25 pm
by Viking Jess
Hey YoFans,

We've got a new update just for you! Keep reading to learn what we've been working on:

    Performance improvements: Thanks to YoFans' feedback, we've been able to make a number of performance improvements - especially within our Challenge Events! Remember to clear your cache to ensure you have the most recent game files so you can take advantage of these fixes.

    Events Bug Fixes: Some YoFans were experiencing trouble with their Challenge results - either displaying 'placeholder' numbers or opening and closing repeatedly. We've fixed both of those bugs!

    Other Minor Fixes: We've adjusted the top bar above YoWorld to bring its size more in line with the game screen, improved our tooling for selecting Classic items for Crates and existing item rewards, and improved some of our other behind-the-scenes tooling so we can serve you better.

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