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[UPDATE] Reporting and Blocking, Brass Frames and More!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:08 pm
by Viking Jess
Hey YoFans,

I'm super excited about today's update, so I just know you will be too! I'll cut straight to the chase - keep reading to learn more:

    • You can now Block other players that you Report in your Guestbook!

    • You can also Report and Block other players you've traded or gifted with - check the Log tab above YoWorld!

    • The 'New' tag should be properly applied to all new item rewards in our Mid Summer Decor Event!

    • We fixed a bug that prevented previous Decor Challenge rooms from being edited!

    • Brass Frames should be working again! Please see this post for more information!

    • Slots are leaving the Lucky Casino! Please see this post for more information!
A lot has changed, so feel free to ask questions and share feedback in the thread below!

:heart: :phew: