[UPDATE] The Mid Summer Decor Event Is Here!

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[UPDATE] The Mid Summer Decor Event Is Here!

Postby Viking Jess » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:00 pm

Hey YoFans,

Are you ready?! Our newest Event is here, and it brings back Decor Challenges in the best way! Complete Hang Out Challenges, win Gems in Decor Challenges, and get great prizes along the way. We've made a few changes based on your feedback - keep reading to find out what's new!

Hang Out Challenges
    • Complete Hang Out Challenges every day to earn a free item and a Token!
    • Complete (optional) Bonus Challenges when they appear to earn Gems!

Decor Challenges
    • We have seven new Decor Challenges for you to enter throughout the Event! Each Challenge lasts four days. Just choose a default room before the last day to instantly earn Gems. You'll also get cool prizes once the Challenge is over (more on those later!).
    • To be eligible for voting, make changes to your room by clicking the Edit Room button.
    •* NEW*: Use items with specific theme codes (listed in each Challenge) in your room to earn Bonus Stars! Bonus Stars will be added to your final Star Rating for that room.

    • On days 2 and 3 of each Challenge, vote for your favourite rooms to earn even more Gems!

    • On day 4 of each Challenge, your room will receive a Star Rating based on how other YoFans have voted, plus your Bonus Stars ! The higher your Star Rating, the more Gems you can earn.
    • *NEW*: If you earn a perfect Star Rating (including max Bonus Stars), you'll get even more great rewards!
    • You'll receive a copy of the room you chose at the end of each Challenge (the preset items will not be able to be changed), as well as any items you placed within it!

Event Shop
    • Use your collected Gems to open Event Chests!
    • There are two new Chests for this event: the Wooden Chest gives 1 common item, and the Mega Chest gives 1 rare or better items!
    • Check back frequently for updated Daily Deals and New Tier Deals!

    • Unlock more tiers of rewards in your Event Chests by collecting Tokens from Hangout Challenges!

Have questions or feedback? Leave them both in the thread below! :heart:
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