[UPDATE] NEW Summer Kick Off Event!

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[UPDATE] NEW Summer Kick Off Event!

Postby Viking Jess » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:00 pm

Hey YoFans,

Another Event has arrived - and we're excited for this one! This new Summer Kick Off Event gives you all the fun you're used to in Events, but with a few key changes based on your feedback.

Contained all in one pop-up, you'll find Hang Out Challenges, brand new Costume Challenges, an improved Event Shop and great Rewards! Let's break them down, shall we?!

Hang Out Challenges - They work mostly like Sticker or Action Events.

    • Complete Hang Out Challenges every day to earn a free item and a Token!
    • Complete (optional) Bonus Challenges when they appear to earn Gems!

Costume Challenges - Similar to our recent Decor Challenge Event.

    • Enter a new Costume Challenge every week! Choose a default outfit for the active Challenge to earn Gems and cool prizes once it's over (more on those later!).
    • To be eligible for voting, make changes to your outfit by clicking the Edit Outfit Button.
      *Note*: you must have at least one item equipped for each category included in your chosen default outfit. If your default outfit has a dress, you can swap it with another dress (use the Swap Item button!), or layer pants or a skirt overtop by adding the items - but at least one dress must be equipped!
    • On days 2 through 6 of each Challenge, vote for your favourite outfits to earn even more Gems!

    • On day 7 of each Challenge, your outfit will receive a Star Rating based on how others have voted. The higher your Star Rating, the more Gems you can earn!
    • You'll receive the items from the default outfit you chose at the end of each Challenge, and a new outfit slot with your entry to keep at the end of the Event!

Event Shop - For all your Gem transaction needs!

    • Use your collected Gems to open Event Chests!
    • There are two new Chests for this event: the Wooden Chest gives 2 common items, and the Mega Chest gives 2 rare or better items!
    • Check back frequently for updated Daily Deals and New Tier Deals!

Rewards - Track your Event Chest items here!

    • Unlock more tiers of rewards in your Event Chests by collecting Tokens from Hangout Challenges!

Seriously, so. excited! We'll be here to answer questions (I'll add a little FAQ to the discussions thread) as much as possible, so ask away and share your feedback in the thread below.

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