[UPDATE] Entrance Animations!

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[UPDATE] Entrance Animations!

Postby Viking Amanda » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:48 pm

Hey YoFans,

We're extremely eager to announce the arrival of a very exciting new feature. :love:
(The one we alluded to in the most recent podcast! Woo!)

If you like using player actions, then you're going to love using Entrance Animations! Entrance Animations will allow you to enter new zones in style! Choose the animation that best suits your Yo to add even more personality to your avatar. :heart:

Now, please read this mini Q&A for more information about what Entrance Animations are all about:

    1. Where can I buy them?

    Entrance Animations are available for purchase through the Player Action Store. Simply click on the little Player Actions icon directly to the right of your chat bar to access them.

    2. Where are they stored once I buy them?

    Once purchased, you'll be able to find your collection of Entrance Animations in the same place that Player Actions are stored. :)

    3. Can I use multiple animations at once?

    You can purchase and store more than one of course, but only one can be enabled at any time.

    4. Which Entrance Animations are currently available for purchase?

    We've got an awesome selection available currently. First, try the Super Ground Smash Entrance, for FREE. Yaaay!

    If you love it, consider grabbing the Lightning Master Entrance, the Angelic Wings Entrance, the Magical Umbrella Entrance or the Explosive Entrance.

    5. So these will play every time I enter a new zone?

    You bet! Any time you visit another area of YoWorld your exciting new Entrance Animation will be shown to you and your friends.

    6. Sounds awesome, but can we turn these off?

    Yes! You sure can.

    To disable Entrance Animations, click the 'Settings' button above your game screen. The option to turn these on and off will appear under the 'Player Settings' tab.

That covers the basics, but if you have any other questions, comments or general feedback about this new feature please leave it here in this thread! We can't wait to hear what you think. :hug:
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