[UPDATE] Holiday Event!

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[UPDATE] Holiday Event!

Postby Viking Jess » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:00 pm

Hey YoFans,


Get your holiday spirit fired up, because we've taken your All-Hallows feedback and turned it into a super-fantastic new Holiday Event! :star:

How Does It Work?
    To kick off the brand new event, click on the little Candy icon in the upper left corner of Yo to get an awesome item for free!

    For the next 31 days, a new Challenge will appear at 21:00 UTC. Click the little icon in the upper left corner of YoWorld to accept your Challenge. Challenges will ask you to do player actions!

    Once you've opened a Challenge, the icon will move to the lower left corner of the screen so it won't interfere with your decorating!

    You have until 20:55 UTC the next day to complete your Challenge and earn awesome prizes and Candy!

What's Candy?
    What's Candy? We're so glad you asked!

    Collect Candy to open Event Chests and get even more awesome prizes for your efforts! Earn Candy by completing Challenges (or get a Bag of Candy or a 'Top Up' - which changes based on how much Candy you already have - with YoCash to get even more chests).

What's an Event Chest?
    You sure are asking the important questions!

    Returning (and oh-so-improved) for this event is the Event Chest. Use the Candy you've collected to open Chests. Complete Challenges to upgrade your Chest Level and earn chances to win better prizes!!

What Else Do I Need To Know?
    • Keep an eye out for Bonus Challenges! Bonus Challenges let you earn more Candy, and more prizes!

    • There are 28 Challenge rewards to collect, and you have 31 days to complete the event. This means that if you miss more than 3 days, you'll miss out on rewards - but you can log in every day to get all 28 rewards and complete the event early!

    • Challenges will renew at 21:00 UTC every day!

Who's excited?! We sure are! Ask questions and share feedback in this thread! :heart:
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