[UPDATE] Piggy Bank!

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[UPDATE] Piggy Bank!

Postby Viking Amanda » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:12 pm

Hey YoFans,

We've got a brand new feature to share with you, and it's called the Piggy Bank! The Piggy Bank will give you a little YoCash back every time you spend your YoCash on items in YoWorld stores! It's a nice little bonus on top of any spending you'd usually do, and don't worry - it's not a race. The meter will simply fill up over time, and when it's full you can SMASH the bank to collect your YoCash. :)

If you check the menu above your game screen, you will see a little Piggy Bank icon. (Oooh, it's so cute!) Click the icon to begin your YoCash earning adventure! :thumbsup:

How it works:


    1. When you click the Piggy Bank icon, you'll see a meter waiting to be filled. Every time you happen to take home a YoCash item (from The Furniture Store, in pop-ups and when you collect your Daily Login Bonus), the meter will slowly fill up. Once it's filled, you can smash it to earn YoCash!

    2. The amount of YoCash displayed at the end of the meter is the amount you currently have in the bank. This number will increase as you continue to make purchases!

    3. The amount of YoCash next to the "Max" text indicates how much you'll receive if you allow the meter to fill completely.

    4. Smashing the bank early does cost real money, but you'll be receiving a great deal on some additional YoCash!

    5. There are 10 different Piggy Banks to smash, and each one is unique!

If you're interested in participating, please note that the Piggy Bank only runs until December 10th - you'll have until 11:59:59 PM on that day to wrap everything up. :)
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